Finding Top Notch Product Creators

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I am concentrating on creating a pretty extensive line
of products annually for my list and subscribers.

[I am already doing this by myself]

Product costs vary from $10 all the way up to $4997.

I also will have a $97 per month subscription on golf and stock investing.


I want to know where to find the, CRÈME DE LA CRÈME of information
and product creation can be found.

I always see Ryan Deiss, Frank Kern (I believe he creates his own), Dan Kennedy, etc.

with top notch products serving some of the best information (original) I see online.

Also like Agora Financial who has some amazing stock and investing information I see on a regular basis.

My question to you is,

-Where can these information publicist can be found?
-What to pay hourly/annually for top notch information/product creation?

I was thinking $50 an hour but am unsure if that is too little or too much,
but overall I guess it depends on the project, etc.

I am just kind of spit balling here.

Any tips or suggestions on hiring and finding these "experts" or even teaching them
how to research and develop these products would be awesome!
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