Best Software to Create an Ebook

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Been searching the forum, but can't find any answers on this.

Currently in the process of writing an ebook to offer for my list building efforts.

What's the best ebook software to use?

Can be either free or paid, but prefer free.

I saw an article last week on a good way to do it free, but can't find the article anymore.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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  • Have you tried open office?

    The main 2 programs in that free download are the word processor, and the ability to save your content as a PDF file.

    Personally I use Microsoft Office for all of this, but Open Office would be in my opinion the next best "free" quality program to write and render an eBook in PDF format.
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    These are some useful tools to create an eBook.
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    Try Canva, I used that to create my book and Im very happy with the output. There are many options and templates. You csn use it for a lot of things and not just for book. You can create a professional lookin book easily. Plus its free until u want to use some of th pics which costs but no worries there are infinite options of free pics and u can also upload ur own pics to use in your book. Plus great options for background, colors only depends upon ur creativity how good can u make use of it. Canva has everythin. I was told about canva by some friend and I can not thank him enough for this.
    Wiah you luck!
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  • Hy Gelidmind

    I recommend OpenOffice and save as PDF.

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    Free: Open Office! It is similar to Microsoft Word, but it's free!

    Paid: Microsoft Word Hands Down! It's what I have always used.

    Both allow you to save your finished product as a .PDF!
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    I made my ebook with Microsoft Word. Just edit and format it how you want it and publish as PDF. Pretty simple stuff.
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    I use Microsoft Word. It's all you need. Then when you want to convert it into PDF format, just go online to - and then you'll have your ebook easily created.
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    There are many people who use many apps. I have been using the Microsoft Office program to type. I use this apps, because the Office program show me if there is any miss spell. Then I copy the content to the Adobe Illustrator. I use the Illustrator to give the good face or, to decorate the page. The Illustrator is a designing apps. Finally I save the file in PDF. That's all. It is really easy to me. I think one can use these apps, if he has some knowledge to operate these apps. Good luck.
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    Evernote is a famous system for arranging considerations, notes, sites, pictures, and PDF records in one spot. It is an incredible project to use amid the creation of an eBook.
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