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I have a health and fitness wordpress blog with over 120 unique quality articles
currently monitoring with adsense but getting only few pennies day.

the mojority of traffic comes from google (Search engines). the articles are well ranked in the search engines.

I was thinking to change this blog into a membership page. But I am afraid that I will lose google rankings if I switch it to a membership page.

how can I make sure that the rankings are not lost and when someone clicks on the search results he/she must register in order to read the articles.

how to make sure that google crawlers and spiders can read the content and index it (new and old content)? even in a membership site

also which membership wordpress plugin should I use????
also is it possible to make a membership like this.
the blog and blogpost url remain the same, but a black or gradient registration window appears on top. and when someone registers they can read the full article.

will this make google crawlers and search engine spiders to be able to read the content and index it appropriately??? which plugin does that?
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    Originally Posted by smitchacha View Post

    I am afraid that I will lose google rankings if I switch it to a membership page.

    What is the cause of this fear? How do you know you will lose Google rankings?

    Besides, it sounds like your current practices aren't giving you the kind of income you want . . . right? Then what have you got to lose?

    Make the change to a membership model and don't worry about losing a few pennies a day.

    I recommend Membergate for your new site. It was built with search engines in mind and will only help your cause.

    As you contemplate a membership model, make sure it is right for the niche you're in. "Health and fitness" is not a niche - it's a huge consumer marketplace. You need to focus down on a particular segment of the health and fitness market because no one will be interested in paying for "general" health and fitness information that can be found anywhere online for free.

    Good luck,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Leave your most popular articles as public. Protect the other and future articles. That's what I've done with my own blog. I will use snippet posts going forward for public attraction, and keep the full post behind the wall.

    As Steve said, you have to have a unique point of view or expertise to make this work, though.
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