"Is Real And Excellent Program Does Exist?" Seriously!

by Tim Whiston 1 replies
Ok I'm a little burned out on work right now and maybe feeling just a little bit goofy. But I opened one of my mailboxes and saw a new piece of "join my opportunity" spam and the headline read...

"Is Real And Excellent Program Does Exist?"

First line of message body read: It's true!

Thank goodness. (wipes brow in relief)

I was seriously beginning to think is real and excellent program does not exist. And now I get this email at just the right time so I can relax and know that everything is going to be just fine.

You know if I was a spammer peddling garbage opportunity scams to people in Egypt, Mexico, Nigeria, or any number of other places with languages that are not my own, I'd like to think I would invest in a good phrase book, I may even put in a little practice and try to nail down the proper sentence structure.

I wonder what the conversion rates are for "Is Real And Excellent Program Does Exist?"

If you switch out and use an exclamation point instead of a question mark would that bump it up a % or two? I have to figure out a way to use this one in my own marketing efforts.
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