Are you a Webinar Wizard? I need your feedback...

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Hey gang,
Many years ago I used to use GoToWebinar for my online presentations. Now after taking a break for a few years, I see they have greatly increased their pricing.

I am looking to do an interview series offering training on a specific software program, and am curious what online webcast program you'd suggest? I need to be able to show my live screen, and also access my interviewees desktop as they walk us through the software.

Preferably, I'd like to be able to host 100+ attendees, but for this initial series, it is not essential.

Interview/record/post replay, is what I truly require. If the host offered recording/download capabilities, this would be great, but all else fails, I can record with Camtasia.

I am not completely adverse to GoToWebinar, I just know that technology changes, and new players come on to the playing field all the time.

What are your thoughts?

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