Google Adding Buy Button To Search!

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Change is coming, folks:

'Buy button' to be added to Google search results - BBC News

Thoughts on how this will impact internet marketing?

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    Evolve or die. It's just part of the evolution of Internet Marketing.
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    I dont see this as that big of deal. I think people want to review the product before they buy. I think the best thing about this is that it is an eye catcher on the search vs. people actually using it to buy items.
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      I'm just merrily waiting for the day when Google goes one too many or one too far and another real challenger steps up (or one of the older ones like Microsoft or Yahoo finally get their act together with regards to search).

      I want to believe Myspace is a model for what happens when you get too comforrtable at the top.

      Then again I'm just probably being very cynical about it all.

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    This could be one of those "little" experiments they like to tingle with from time to time. They released the emoji thingie and pulled it off very soon. That's Google...
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    Originally Posted by Tom Addams View Post

    Change is coming, folks:

    'Buy button' to be added to Google search results - BBC News

    Thoughts on how this will impact internet marketing?

    I think this will be a disadvantage for affiliate review websites. Because nothing is sold on affiliate websites.
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    I do not know if it will be an advantage, we'll find out soon.

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  • Hello Tom,

    Google is a search engine, not born to shopping ... line extension, loss of focus .... is never good ....

    "Al Ries docet" !!!

    From my point of view it does not do much good ...

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    First of all Tom thanks for sharing this article, it's interesting!

    From my point of view though, I think this will work well. Especially because people trust and are using Google everyday. But from a retailer point of view, I think it's not that good.

    If building relationships with your audience is the key to getting higher conversion rate, then you need those people to visit your site directly and buy from you after they see all the awesome stuff on your website.

    So, it's either going to be the next big thing or it's going to flop very quickly. Let's just see what happens

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    Some of my thoughts . . .

    (Bear with me. Been a long day.)

    This is how it will work. As far as I understand it. A consumer will type a search into Google and find himself presented with relevant products and their "buy buttons." Upon clicking a button, the consumer will be directed to a Google transaction page.

    Obvious impacts:

    - eCommerce Stores (Amazon, being the prime one)
    - PPC

    As far as I understand it, these search results are going to link to pages owned by Google. So - put it this way - if I held shares in Amazon, I'd be more than mildly concerned.

    The impact - I'm guessing - will be huge.

    When I originally heard about this, I assumed it might be an AdSense feature. In other words: you could have buy buttons on your ads. In which case, it would be hugely positive for many of us PPCers. When you're talking "standardized" products, and not the type that requires a consumer to learn more about prior to purchase, AdSense buy buttons would have been a Godsend.

    That isn't the way they're being rolled out though. Far as I know.

    What I think we have here is a significant game-changer.

    Edit: I think I'll read that last line in 12 months and say to myself, "You don't say, Tom!" LOL


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    Google keeps on making their search engine service worse. It is no wonder that bingo is gaining. Yahoo might have a chance if they develop their own search engine. It seems the giant is flat lining now. Well, they are reminding me of the bad old days more an more.
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    I am just starting and in very beginning. This news has really worried me. I am afraid it is going to hurt affiliate marketing which is I am learning.

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    Google is a business, like any other.

    Whatever they do shouldn't affect you, unless you think they are your "partner" and placing all your eggs in one basket (Google's basket)...
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    Google is trying everything... time will tell if this works out for them

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    What is the reason you go to Amazon to do product searches?

    For me, it is because of the reviews.

    I can evaluate the quality of a product based on reviews, compare pricing from different vendors, and purchase through a trusted platform.

    Unless Google's "Buy Button" provides me with the same evaluation process, I am unlikely to use it.

    How often has a "Buy Button" been effective for you, without product explanation and reviews?

    I'm sure it will help Google make more money, but I am doubtful it will have a huge impact on Amazon or marketers who help educate buyers.
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