How authentic should you be on niche websites?

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I've been away from the IM game for a couple of years for various reasons but now making a comeback. I am starting with a blog based around a niche that I am very familiar with and I am happy to identify who I am as I can honestly say that this is an area I have lots of experience with.

However, in the spirit of not wanting to put all my eggs in one basket, I am also considering starting up other websites (probably static sites rather than blogs) based around other niches that I am less familiar with. My own experience of using such sites is that I often click on the "About Us" just to see who is behind it and whether they are genuine. If I were to create a site about, lets say, a particular aspect of personal development do I include an "About Me" page which claims (falsely) that I have a long experience in this field, or do I create a false identity? I am not comfortable with either of these. Or do I just avoid the issue altogether? I would be looking to have an opt-in so I need to have some sort of identity.

Any thoughts??
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    When I was promoting a herpes product on Clickbank, I had a blog where I positioned "myself" as an expert in the field of herpes.

    Obvisoulsy I did not want to use my own identity in-case my real life friends saw it, so I created a fake identity and it still makes the odd sale today.

    As long as the content is good you shouldnt have to worry to much about being a front man for your website.
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    Or, you know, you could be honest and position yourself as someone learning the niche. A good marketer can use that angle to form a closer connection to a target prospect. Think of it as "we're in this together" instead of "let me show you".
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    Creating your own persona is not really necessary on other niches but for IM Niche or B2B niches, you might want to be more honest and realistic.

    People on Business 2 Business fields are more competitive and smarter so they know if the person that they're dealing too is lying or fraud. After all if you want to do business, you got to be good with people and knows something about "Psychology" (For Sales and Hiring)
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