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Just posting this, not for 'the attention' cos it's hardly great but I know everytime I see a post like this I find it motivational and it's reiterates that it isn't rocket science.

For lots of reasons (think credit crunch & me picking the wrong job at the wrong time) I'm just doing stuff without spending money, although I probably should have bought hosting instead of several ebooks.... : )

1. Blogger landing page which I amended to make look like a landing page (ie. messed about with the layout and got rid of the side columns) so it is just a header and you scroll down through the text.

2. Laid it out as a short summary which high lights the benefits and bullet points the features.

3. Made affiliate links obvious but not tacky with a call to action

4. Four articles to Ezine wotsits. Struggled with keywords because it is a competitive niche so two were focused on the product name and two were focused on "best..keyword...that..benefit...."

5. I did set up web 2.0 stuff but haven't got much traffic through it (Hub, Squidoo) and I've social bookmarked everything (conscious of it looking like spam). These didnt actually contribute to this particular sale but I know it's part and parcel of building a ranking.

That's it. Articles got 200 odd view and 21% click through and the sale came from the later type article.

Could do this in about 2 hours now I know the niche (I spent a little too long educating myself on it) and repeat it for other similar products.

It's a crappy effort if I'm honest but shows that it's easy done. It could be total fluke so until I repeat the process I have to take it with a pinch of salt. However I am doing everything more throughly at the moment and would like to build some assets that could be potentially sold if need be. Looking to build backlinks and get organic traffic so I can start getting some sleep.

That has to be the long term goal.

I've read it time and time again but there's something about bum marketing that draws us noobs in (that feeling of money for nothing ... I'm not old enough to remember dire straits) but you know if you write say 10 articles a day that go to Ezine, well that could have been 10 pages on your website.

That's it - hope it helps someone and reminds anyone struggling to get that elusive first sale that it isn't rocket science. Isn't social proof a weird necessity?

Have a wicked day - I'm off to bed


PS. Don't check your stats or clickbank account because it's better when it's unexpected
PPS. Pick a good 'guru' here and do what you're told : )
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