Anyone encountered this issue with Flippa ?

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Recently I made some sales on Flippa, for a $1900 sale, I paid their $190 fee, then they charged me another $25 strictly for the bank account transfer to me, $1685 remaining.

Now in my bank I received $1673, I checked with my bank, there is no fee associated with that transfer at my end, I received $1673. Flippa on the other hand says they sent $1685 but they only provided a computer document as they instructed their bank to send me $1685, but no actual transfer, statement or bank signature + stamp.
My bank said maybe some intermediary bank charged me for the transfer.

Anyone else experienced this with Flippa ? Is that a known practice for their bank to charge again for the transfer fee ? Or is the problem somewhere else ? e.g my bank is lying to me.

The amount/difference is not large, but I don't like being cheated and lied to, not after I paid over $200 for this service.
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    Maybe an exchange rate issue?
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      Originally Posted by Chris Grable View Post

      Maybe an exchange rate issue?
      It's not that. It was an usd to usd payment.
      I paid $25 then there was another $12-13 missing, like someone somewhere charged me 50% of the transfer fee again.
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    perhaps charges fee from bank.
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    Have you spoken to your bank? They don't get a wire fee? With some affiliate payments in the past I've had the affiliates bank charge them a wire fee, then my bank charge one as well.. Sounds to me like if it's not an exchange rate issue then it's likely a bank fee.
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      Was it an international wire transfer? If so, there could be an extra charge on both sides actually: their bank could charge for an outgoing transfer (if that's international, that's very likely). Then your bank could charge you for the incoming int. transfer. Most banks do that even if the currency is the same. As far as I know, that's how international wires work between banks. Country-to country issues matters here. I am not an expert though, I might be wrong.

      Good luck in getting this resolved.
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        I did speak with my bank, at the desk AND I sent an email to main office, they insist there is no fee associated with that, I just received an incoming transfer of $1673. On my bank statement it also shows incoming if $1673 and no fees.

        I know sometimes are fees at both ends but usually that is how sender decides and instructs the sending bank.

        I recently received other international transfers in same account without any fee at my end.

        If transfer was charged somewhere in a middle bank, isn't it fair for sender to pay that ? Since I paid them "transfer fee" and since they are the ones selecting the route of the money.
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          Update: Flippa eventually sent me the missing $12 "as a gesture of good will" and they said they will not be able to do this in future.

          I am not fully OK with that.

          They cannot show me an actual bank statement with details at their end, the only document they show me (like a plain html page) is as they instruct the bank to send the correct amount to me. If from that, their bank decided to charge a fee, I don't see that.

          I just started selling with them, what if on next sale I am missing $5000 and again, nobody is responsible ?!

          It is so exhausting to be constantly under stress from people trying to rip you off (banks or companies or whatever).
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            Follow up with a reply stating that this is not a 'good will gesture' and that they actually owed you the money and you will be auditing them in all future transactions to make sure the amount sent matches what you received (minus any bank fees).

            I think it highly unlikely that they would ever short you $5000. They are an established company. There may be problems with the way they verify what their advertisers tell them, but they are unlikely to rip people off in the way you are worried about. This may have been a fee from the sending bank but that should either be disclosed or it should be their responsibility.
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  • Hello adrianTNT

    For me it is a bank charge, you should identify if applicable your bank or bank Fillpa.

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    Assuming you mean FLippa escrow I have never paid a fee using it. My bank charges me a wire fee for receiving the wires. I think they call it a telecom fee whatever that means.
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      @Brad Gosse and @Ilenia Internet Marketer

      Fee must have been at their end, my bank is relatively transparent about this, multiple sources from my bank said there was no fee at my end. And in bank account history I see zero fees. They clearly show fees there, for example when I withdraw an amount they charge 0.5%.

      @rhinocl I did sent them a reply, I know it is not likely for larger amounts to be missing, just used that as an exaggerated example.

      Off-topic a bit:
      After using PayPal debit card at ATM for years, they contacted me out of the blue and gave me $350 because they charged me a $1.00 fee 350 times over the course of several years. So wrong or abusive fees exist in various locations and we should not shut up about them Somebody must have complained at PayPal or took legal action and this was the result.
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