Posting Images Guideline Suggestions

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Since we now have the ability to post images.

I thought I'd post some suggestions for guidelines, guidelines Ive used in the past.

1. Keep maximum width of image posted to 800 pixels.
wider images can distort the forum and make it very un easy on the eyes and break the structure of the thread, above and below.

2. If posting large file size images, put a note to this affect in the title of your thread post. e.g. modem user warning, large img's

3. Please do not quote images in posts, all this does is slow down the thread loading for everyone.

4. How to add an image, click on the image top of your post window.
then add the full path of the image you want to display. If your image is on your hard drive, upload it first to photobucket.comor another photo hosting site, or your own site then put the full url of the image in the window that pops up.

5. The forum is limited to x amount of images per post. Emoticons like this one are considered images in image count.

6. Consider reducing the size of the images that come out of your digital camera first before uploading them as they are generally quite large and will take a long time to load and slow down the thread, whether its yours or someone else's who may get annoyed.

7. Consider creating a smaller size image of your main image, posting this image and linking to your larger image, if you'd like to display the quality image. Add your smaller photo by using the button above, then click on this image and then click on the button to hyper link to your higher quality, larger image.


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    Good tips indeed Pete,
    Thanks for posting this

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