Newbie got some questions about online business.

by KKemal
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Hello guys im new on this forum , my name is Kemal and im from Austria ( Middle Europe ). My English may not fill the bills but i will try my best. So im studying in Austria ( congenital im from Bulgaria ) and found that what im doing right now is not really my passion. So i tought what would i like do to ? Before 2 weeks i just realized that making money on internet could be a good opportunity for me. Before 2 years when i was still living in Bulgaria tried to start with promoting ClickBank products on my own website but i gave up after 2months getting really dissapointed. So i tought i was done with that but now i have motivated myself again. My idea right now is buying stuff from wholesalers and sell them on eBay , amazon or even my personal online shop , dropshipping is also on my mind. I think i found a good supplier for sport goods such as footwear , accessories etc. But as the supplier provides only branded stuff ( Nike , Adidas , Asic etc. ) i have some questions. Do i have the right to sell these stuff on my own or i need to get access from the companies that own the rights of these products ? I also would like to know the chances i have to import from non EU countries such as USA , China etc. Are those more worthy to import from than EU ? Its really messed up in my head right now. On other side are my parents who expect me to be studying hard and i feel bad becouse all the money they spend on me and im doing nothing ( failing exams etc.) So i need advices that would make my life change as fast as possible. I really belive that i can build wealth with that but i need someone to save me from this spiral going down every day. Any advice will be highly appreciated and respected. Have a nice day !
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    No one can give you the magic bullet that it sounds you might want.

    But, I will say physical products are not a bad way to go. And, if you are interested in Dropshipping then check into DropShip Lifestyle (not an affiliate link) which is not cheap FYI.

    As for school, apply yourself and graduate. If your parents are paying for everything you have a golden ticket as you will have a degree with no debt attached. It will at least be something if all your "passions" don't work out besides working an entry level position forever. I only say this because some will never make it online and if you are "doing nothing" right now with your responsibilities then that is not such a good indicator of success.
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    Don't leave your studies, hoping that your "business idea" will take off and you'll become a millionaire next year...Always have a back-up plan.

    Re-selling physical products is a VERY competitive business, especially on sites like eBay and Amazon. I highly doubt you'll have any success in doing that, because there are tons of established businesses who are already doing that same thing...

    What would be your unique selling point? Selling on your own website (e-commerce) is a better idea, but again, you'll be competing with hundreds of others, while offering the exact same product? Plus, I think you'll struggle to compete on price, because you won't be buying big quantities like large companies, so you won't get big discounts, meaning you'll need to price your products higher to make a decent profit.

    Anyway, without going too much into details, I would look elsewhere and focus on something that doesn't require a lot of investment and you can make yourself stand out.

    Some examples would be, digital products (ebooks, videos, membership sites), possibly some kind of digital services (SEO, content writing, software) or maybe an informative website, which you could monetize in the future with ads, when the traffic builds up.
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    hi there mate,

    first off i think you are too worried about it, u really need to consider that selling as drop-shipping you do not need any rights if you buy from whole-seller store, plus i highly suggest you to not drop-shipping to USA! from here (Europe) it's fuc**** expansive do so. Once i tried to buy some stickers from USA from London and the actual cost of the entire shipping and taxes was about 5 times the real cost of the product itself. try do it through Europe first and then scale it up. ebay business is far away more easy to do instead of cpc, ppv, cpm, etc...

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    yeah there really is all sorts of proven ways to make money online. Personally I would pick and choose a market and niche that is in demand and then build myself a list of prospect. Thats your own traffic source. You then can promote a combination of different things.
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    If you have a really good supplier for sports goods (or anything else) and you can successfully import them into EU, I suggest selling them locally. It will be so much easier to sell them in Austria using your own website, Facebook groups, local auction sites, if there are any, etc. You will get the same profits for selling one item locally than selling 10 on eBay.

    How about some FREE unique handwritten articles for your website, blog, SEO, guest posts, etc?

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    I'm going to give you a suggestion that is going to affect everything you do in your online marketing.

    Learn to use short sentences and paragraphs.

    Customers/Buyers will not read your offers, if you create articles, copy, and reviews in the same format you used for your post.

    They will just close the page and be gone forever.
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      Im sorry about the format. Wont do it on my listings ofc. Cheers !
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