Sell Amazon Affiliate Products with Bing PPC Ads

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Hi - I would like to try to build a sustainable income stream by selling Amazon Affiliate Products using Bing Ads. Bing seems less expensive and allows more leeway than Google PPC. Assuming I choose higher priced Amazon Affiliate Products that have a decent amount of higher rated reviews, is this plan likely to generate a steady income?
Are there any Amazon categories or products that work well with Bing Ads? Any thoughts on categories or products to avoid? Any ratio of clicks to sales to consider on average?
Lastly, would Clickbank or some other affiliate program work better with Bing ads?
There will always be paid advertising as long as there is money and people that need things, so I would think that as long as I can spend $5 to make $10 or $20 (just using for example), then I would assume using PPC ads would be a sustainable business model.
Your thoughts and suggestions are respectfully appreciated!
TY Bill
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    Originally Posted by ToMakeMoney View Post

    Lastly, would Clickbank or some other affiliate program work better with Bing ads?
    From my personal and daily experience, yes.

    Aside from the fact that you have plenty of proven offers to pickout...

    Bing is EXTREMELY Clickbank friendly and the clicks are cheap and targeted.
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    Yes, it possible to make money with Bing and Amazon. You need to remember though that you can't direct link or your account will be banned. There are many niches that will work with Bing Most people who use Bing search engine are 35+ so any products that they consume will have some search traffic.
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    Bing Ads has less competition
    Has cheaper PPC
    has better device targeting options (mostly for mobile devices)
    Bing allows users the flexibility of search partner targeting (yahoo, google....)

    so....YES, you can use BING ADS!

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    sure why not! Key with using ppc is to create adgroups around a set of keywords then create your ads with your main keyword in it and that will get people to click your ads and in return Bing will give you a lower cost per click.

    I pay only a penny for some popular search phrases and the traffic is good traffic.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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  • Yes, if you can get the right Economics.

    The right conversions and ROI, you can scale this greatly

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    Yes Bing is great for Amazom sites. I have been using them for years. Google Adwords is the best though Because there's a lot more traffic there. Adwords clicks can also be cheap if you know what you are doing.


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    Thank you all for your great responses. I will ask further about the statement above "Key with using ppc is to create adgroups around a set of keywords then create your ads with your main keyword" I do not have any experience in using ppc this way, and have primarily used article marketing, ebay, niche sites and social media with varying results, so I want a strategy that I have more control over. Creating this correctly and scaling it seems like it could work.
    How would I learn more about creating adgroups to create ads? If I use Google's Keyword Planner (which I am a bit familiar with) will it work for Bing, or should I explore the Bing tools, or somewhere else? Your time and answers are very appreciated! TY Bill
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