Print Ads VS Online Ads

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I have had some success with both ends of the spectrum. Mostly onlinethese days. How about the rest of you. Please share which makes you more sales.
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    Leading offline traffic to your website can lead to very good long term customers, but you just dont get as much traffic as if you invested the same amount of money into paid online ads.

    In either case, you can still earn a nice living doing either strategy. However for me (and for less hassle)... i prefer just running online ads. It's super simpler.
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    If the offer is online then forget about offline ads altogether (newspaper, tv, etc)

    Internet offers need to be promoted online. Offline offers need to be promoted offline.

    There is very little chance of crossover...With that being said, I wonder how much revenue those guys advertising the "fix me stick" on tv are making?
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    Interestingly enough I was just exploring technology today from a company that claims to match your physical address with your IP address! Despite changing IP's and ISP locations, they claim around 70% accuracy. This allows them to target online ads to a specific group of people.

    What makes this interesting is that now you can receive a direct mail piece and then a few days later start seeing banner ads for the same offer. Quite scary, really.

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