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by Rob P
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Bit of advice please...

I have used various shoppingcarts and set-ups in the past to create marketing funnels selling infoproducts online- 1shoppingcart, amember, etc.- but none seem to offer everything I need now.

My webmaster has recently left and I am now having to start again from scratch so I want to get the right tool from the many new ones that are available since I first started out about 10 years ago.

This is what I need the setup to sell/do/handle:

Sell live courses, digital products, physical products and online memberships
Have upsells and downsells consistent with a marketing funnel
Integrate with Aweber or have a decent integral autoresponder
work in multiple currencies
Integrate with stripe and paypal

I am currently torn between woocommerce on a woothemes theme (Canvas) together with a membership plugin OR the following other options:

Optimisepress as the theme together with Samcart as the shoppingcart and Mousemember for the membership.

Can anyone suggest from experience which setup would work best?

Does anyone know if samcart will work with optimisepress and mousemember together and could I do live courses through that option?

Or, is anyone using woocommerce successfully to sell infoproducts on a big scale with 1clickupsells etc.

Thanks in advance,
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    woo commerce will give you more plugin and developer options for anything custom you want later. I use it for my graphics products. It scales well and has lots of customizations available.
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      Hey Rob,

      Everything you want can be achieved with WooCommerce, but it will require a lot of customization and add-ons.

      I'm using WooCommerce on one of my websites for selling digital + physical products and it runs flawlessly.

      There's even a membership extension for Woocommerce.

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        Thanks guys, much obliged. Even though there's only two of you, your answers have helped me more than you will believe!
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          I just setup a woocommerce cart for a client's business and moved my own to Optimizepress + Samcart last week, so I feel I might be able to help a bit

          WooCommerce - Works great, reliable, lots of support, lots of customization. The downside - you'll need a tech guy on your team to be able to truly leverage it as it will require lots of customization and integration to get it to work the way you want. However, you can easily build a system that rivals InfusionSoft / Ontraport for a fraction of the cost.

          Optimizepress + SamCart - So far I'm loving it. A bit early to truly do everything I wish it could do, still waiting for affiliate center and the such but.... it works great. The one-click upsell is genius. Products are easy to manage. Integrates well with OptimizePress and you can use OptimizeMember for delivery so you wouldn't need MemberMouse unless they have a specific set of features you need. Personally, I can see myself using the following combination for a long time - Optimizepress + Samcart + ActiveCampaign.
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