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So I have a youtube channel with around 200 subscribers and each video has 2-10k views for my music videos. I want to start offering free downloads and make some money from it too, right now i'm using adfly and sharecash, but I don't like that my audience has to do BS surveys to get my music. Is there any thing like a popup or video ad before I could integrate to make a dollarish per download? or would ppi work for a music download?
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  • If there seems to be a demand for your music, (if you have actual fans) then maybe you could just offer one or two direct downloads for free, then get your fans on a mailing list, and sell them your album and related merch, or related products as an affiliate, or send to to one of those survey sites for more music.

    There's also tons of other ways to earn an income with your music if you think outside the box. But that's a whole other book. As for your question: "would people work for a music download?" That's something no one but them can answer. Test it and you'll see they are either doing it, or not. (Die hard fans might).
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    i recommend you to use PPI,i make some money, 700$-900$/month with gossip video and i use ppi from purebits

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