Warning to WSO Buyers (Don't Lose Your Money Because You Don't Know This "Secret")...

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There's something going on behind the scenes here at warrior forum
that is costing a lot of you wso buyers money you could be saving.

That's right. Many of you are investing money in wsos and getting great
deals, applying what you learn, implementing it and making outrageous profits.

So what's wrong with that Doug and why the warning?

Well, first off, there's nothing wrong with that.

The warning is not about buying the wsos because most of them
will help you put another piece of the digital puzzle together
so you can put more cold, hard, useful cash into your accounts
and pockets where it belongs.

The warning is about how you could be losing money because
some of you may not yet know this "secret" that's been going
on behind the scenes for the better part of a year now.

The reason the "secret" is in quotes is because there really are no
secrets in internet marketing, just things you don't know yet.

After you know it, it's not a secret to you anymore, right?

Enough already! Spill the beans, would ya?

Okay, but there may be some who don't appreciate you finding out,
but it's a risk we'll have to be willing to take if it means it saves
you some money, right?

I guess just coming right out and sharing it in the open wouldn't
be totally fair to all involved and they may not appreciate it.

So what we'll agree to do is, I'll share something that happened
to me a few times and promise that you'll realize what it is by reading
in between the lines and for those of you who "get it", you'll save
a good amount of money this year if you aren't already 'hip' to it
(or whatever you kids are saying now dayz).

Basically, sometime last year, I was just minding my own business
doing some casual shopping in the warrior special offers forum and
noticed a special offer that looked a little too familiar.

Did a double-take and tried to rack my memory for where I'd seen
this before and why it seemed strange.

Was it a review copy? No.

Was it smuggled on to one of those bluefart sites illegally? No.

Was it plr? No.

Was it a product I had created myself and now somehow being sold
as a wso by another warrior? No.

None of those.

So what was it? I wondered.

Ah! Then the smile hit my face because I remembered a very happy time
and moment here as a warrior member of this greatest internet marketing
forum on the planet.

The images came flooding back and a well of emotion warmly rushed
over me as I smiled to myself and nodded knowingly.

Or did I pump my fist in the air and yell, "YES!"

That part I can't remember exactly, but that's not the point anyway.

So where were we? Oh yes, back to the realization of where
I had seen that wso before and why instead of being upset over it,
it was actually something that made me glad and even grateful.

The place I had found the wso was in a place not too far away
if you know how you can access it and not even all that expensive
if you know how to really use your budget wisely.

So that's it. Don't lose your money wso buyers.

To Your Success!
Doug Barger

Oh, wait a minute. That wasn't the whole end of the story was it?

My apologies. Okay, right, right. The place, the spot,
the rendez-vous, the secret clubhouse, the, well, you get the idea.

[one of those whistles like "nothing to see...
here folks" ]
\ /
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