Squeeze pages, do I dare?

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Fellow Warriors,

Over the last year I have seen so many different types of sqeeze pages my head goes BOOM!!! Some come in from the side, others drop in from the top, many make you fill them out before you can enter the site, a few are built in, low and behold some fade in and fade out.

* My Gaawwd, which one and which company does one choose?

* Are they viable?

* Do they really make it worth it?

* Should I even incorporate this with my new site?

* Even if I did have an autoresponder or sqeeze page, how would I know what to write?

* Is there any companies for hire that write this stuff for the month?

OK, I need a little help, I am a bit confused.


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    Hmm... I appreciate that. So in otherwards they SUCK and do not use them?
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    It sounds like you mean opt-in boxes/pages, not squeeze pages. A squeeze page is a "gateway" that stops the prospect from seeing the real sales page unless they opt in to a list (often times a bonus is offered as well).

    Both act as a way to get opt-ins, but they are really two completely different beasts.

    Jay Jennings
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