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Hi all, I've got several things I need to monitor everyday like email campaigns, paid ads, social media, etc. It's pretty tedious after a while to have to log into all these different places. I was wondering if anyone feels the same or perhaps has a solution to share?
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    Possibly you should stop "being busy", focus on a few important things and you'll have less things to worry about?

    If your campaigns are based on different platforms, then obviously you're going to have to access them one by one and that's the only way really...
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    it's going to change over time but over all you just need to understand which types of work produced the best results. I have a couple of places that I log into several times per day because I get great results from them. There are other places that I login to maybe once per month or once per week. And of course where possible a scale so that I have employees helping me with some of the tasks.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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    Originally Posted by joshsiaw View Post

    ...like email campaigns, paid ads, social media, etc.
    Man that's alot in and of itself. Geesh. I'm tired just thinking about it lol.

    You can alleviate *some* stress by monitoring different things on different days. And get a program like Roboform to save you about 4 seconds everytime you have to log-in anywhere online.

    And yeah, employees would certainly help too.
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    You could pay someone to maintain all of your accounts for you. oDesk would probably be the place to go for this, other than that, work on making these tedious tasks more enjoyable maybe?

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