Blue Yeti Mic VS Blue Yeti Pro Mic?

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I am trying to decide which version of the mic to purchase. I am sure the the standard version would work but the pro version is not that much more.

My question about the pro version is, what additional equipment to you need to take advantage of the higher audio resolution?

Also, has anyone had experience with the studio software that comes with the studio version of the standard mic?
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    Wouldn't this question be better answered on an A/V or electronics forum? Don't really see this as about internet marketing.
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    I am not an expert on mics or recording equipment, but there are a few really experienced warriors here that might be able to help you. But, you might want to add some more information to your question, i.e. What will you be using it for? Podcasting? Video's? Webinars?


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    Is not possible buy base version and integrate in a second moment with the pro?
    If not buy PRO version, if it doesn t cost to much more

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    The main difference between the 2 is that the Pro has an A-D converter chip and separate analog circuit path with XLR connection which allows for the connection to preamps and studio mixers.

    USB mics have come a long way and can create great voice over/podcasts etc, but if you are looking for that pro sound XLR is the way to go... However many of the pro's started with USB and later moved to XLR.

    With an XLR the setup is going to cost more because you will also need to invest in a USB interface or mixer or both depending on your needs.

    As far as the software, did not really use it when i got my Yeti way back. You have great free DAW's like Audacity and even Reaper has a free version as far as i remember and the there is Garageband if you are using Mac.

    Tip: Have a look at the Rode Podcaster before you decide:

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    I've got Blue Yeti it's working really good. It's worth 150$. I recommend looking at some youtube reviews.
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