How Do I Retrieve the Full Article?

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I have set up a new blog and use feedwordpress to retrieve feeds from other blogs for new contents.

However I notice that most of the messages retrieved contain 3 to 5 sentences only. I have tried wp-o-matic and it's the same problem.

I wonder where do I gone wrong?

Can some experts suggest a solution how to retrieve the full articles instead of the first 3 to 5 sentences?
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    Most RSS feeds display only the first part of the article so that there is an incentive to visit the original site. The plugins that you have tried just read the RSS feeds and display them so there is no way that you can retrieve the whole article using them.

    You will either need to select RSS feeds that provide all the information that you require or find a script that looks beyond the RSS feed - such a solution while relatively straightforward to implement will probably break the terms and conditions of the content providers concerned, otherwise they would just include all the articles' contents in the feed.

    I believe that there are scripts that can retrieve articles from article directories, but I am not familiar with them and I do not know if there is a WordPress plugin.
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    That's what RSS feeds are - snippets for the most part. Some blogs are set for full feeds (the entire article) but not many.

    I've got a script that will grab the full contents of a page, but it doesn't work with all sites and formatting of posts will break it. Unless your a programmer it won't do you any good.
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    Depending on what feed it is you're trying to grab the whole article from, you're probably violating copyright when you do. Almost everyone I know that tries to republish full feeds gets shut down because blog owners keep an eye on that kind of thing, and even though they publish the whole article in their feed, they sure don't like it being republished (nor do they have to).

    The are a FEW directories that do full feeds like ArticleSpan and ThoughtSearch (and any of many sites built on the same engine as ThoughtSearch).

    I'd try those. But if you want my opinion, you can post the snippets and still get good results if you add a little commentary like a real blogger would. You can load up a bunch as drafts, write your commentary all at once and post date them and voila - X days of automated content (however many posts you pulled).

    Another tip - I used to use WPOM but I've switched to Yaab Plugin because you can create "carnival" style posts with multiple feed snippets all put together into a single post - you get some lengthy content that way, still dynamically generated, and if you're smart about picking the feeds, the content is actually USEFUL because you're providing coverage of stories within your niche.

    Hope that helps!
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    I haven't really released it to the public outside my list but is my autoblogging platform. It takes a little more set up than using just rss feeds - but it works very well on as many blogs as you can make.

    (tested with over 1k blogs running at the same time).

    If you want the control you do not have with feed wordpress, or any of the other rss aggregators to blog it might be what your looking for.
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    That's very informative. In fact I have noticed there are quite a few blogs which are grabbing the whole article from my blog and republished it.

    I am not complaining as it bring quite a number of traffic to my blog.

    So I am thinking if I am setting a new blog I could do the same and it will save me a lot of time and money to look for plr and ghost writers
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