Video is addictive....

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I have recently found out, that I enjoy recording review videos...

Not only is it pretty fun, but the clickthrough rates are phenomenal...

I am talking 50%+ clickthrough... or 6 clicks for 11 views on my videos.
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    Congrats! I'm assuming IM niche?
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      Originally Posted by stevereel View Post

      Congrats! I'm assuming IM niche?

      Only products released through MuncheEye.
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    Congrats. You have found something that you enjoy doing and something that appears to be working and getting a good click through rate. Stick with it and good luck.
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    Nice job. Video definitely gets people to pay attention. Keep on doing what you are doing and soon you will have an army of videos sending you all that traffic.
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    Great to hear that Buddy.. Just keep on doing it test it with different offers. I am sure you find something on your own
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    They're pretty quick to make too which I appreciate as well.

    I doubt your click through rate stays that high over the long (hell, great if it does though) but I do see pretty high click rates when videos show up in SERPS-

    Read our most recent articles on wine, this month it's that unappreciated region called Napa Valley.

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    If you are enjoying it and are getting free traffic, keep doing it.

    Way to go and congratulations.
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    ...and you will get even better at doing them the more you keep at it.

    If you're using You Tube, you can try using Snag It for custom thumbnails and stuff like that.

    Congrats, creating videos is fun!
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    Well looks like it wasn't 50+% conversions.

    I got clicks spread out on my other videos, although none of the products I did review videos on were released yet - so of course, I got no conversions.

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    The engagement levels are definitely high for videos.

    The downside is the bounce rate.

    In other words, you pretty much OWN the viewer if you get them to stay.

    The trick is getting them to stick around to watch the video.
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