How do you pronouce ezine?

by Kurt
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Recently, I've heard a couple of people say ezine, like it ryhmes with "mine" or "fine".

However, I pronounce it as "ezeen", which rhymes with "mean". The reason is, I believe "zine" is taken from the word "magazine" and an ezine is an electronic magazine. Therefore I pronounce the "zine" part as I do for magazine.
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    I've always pronounced ezine like it rhymes with "mine/fine". Interesting question though.
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    Hi Kurt

    I take it you're bored.

    Interesting question though
    Yes, fascinating!

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      Hi, Kurt,

      I'm with you on this. It really annoys me when people talk about ezines as though they were something remote and exotic - but that is what internet marketers like to do. Strange though, they have no trouble pronouncing fanzine correctly.

      You might not like what I say - but I believe it.
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    I know what you mean.

    It IS an online version of a magazine, so you would naturally say it as ezeen (one would have thought), unless you didn't know it was taken from the word magazine.

    I don't know how the other pronounciation came into play.
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    The same as you Kurt rhyme with mean or as the "zeeeen" sound in magazine.
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    I have heard it is supposed to be pronounced ezeen but that never caught on with me and I say ezine rhyming with fine.
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    It's definitely e-zeeen, rhymes with 'mean'
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      I've never understood why or how some people have got the idea that ezine rhymes with fine.

      As Kurt says, it is an abbreviation of 'electronic magazine', which in my opinion, only has one possible correct pronunciation - eeezeeen.

      Mind you, I much prefer the term newsletter these days. But that's a whole 'nother issue!

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    Yep, good question! I opt for "ezeen", which rhymes with "mean."

    And it sounds funny to hear others say it when it rhymes with fine

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    I'm an eeeeeee-zeeeeeeeeen kind of guy. I don't think I've even heard anyone say it the other way.
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    tomayto or tomarto

    Who gives a rip
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    I've checked it with wordweb and the pronunciation of "zine" is "zeen", just like "seen".
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    'E' as in 'E'-bay and 'E'-commerce.

    'Zine' as in maga-Zine.
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      Hi Kurt,

      Paul Myers publishes an e-zen.

      Hi Craig,

      No-one says 'tomayto' - the US pronunciation is 'tomaydo'. I would have thought Aussies would say tomo or tommy, bearing in mind that the rule is - everything gets shortened and usually ends in 'o' or 'y' because it's too hot for long words?

      Roger Davis

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    I had to laugh when I saw this post. And here's my take on the issue:

    I say ezine like magazine, since it's an electric version of a magazine.
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      I say ez-een- as in magazine
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    The [zain] kind of pronunciation emerged as soon as people started to disregard the word's origin - by analogy to line, dime and the like. It seems more correct to stick to the [zeen] version, although I'm a believer in the law of usage - if people use words like that, it wouldn't make much sense to impose different points of view on them.
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    e-zeen is what I say, but I have heard the other pronunciation too. It's a weird word either way.

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    that just makes sense, ezine like magazine, but I have always read it with rhyming with mine.Lol
    hates the rain
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    I've always wondered what the immediate thought is in our friends from the UK when they hear an American complain about somebody's English

    Agree that ezine rhymes with magazine.

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    "eeeeeee-zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeene" in Magazine
    That's what I call it too.

    --= -Spazzle- =--

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    I must have been bored to read this whole post! LOL
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    There was an intermediate step between "magazine" and "ezine," and that was the simple "zine." Punk and goth culture thrived on small, self-published genre periodicals which were saddle-stapled and sold (or given away) by hand at clubs or on the counters of select stores. Since magazine had too many syllables, people just said 'zine, and eventually the apostrophe was lost to posterity - leaving zine.

    People pronounced that wrong, too.
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    Interesting post. I've always said ezeen, but really ezine is spelled like it should be pronunced similiar to mine. Really magazine should be maga-zine, not maga-zeen.
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    Zeeen, not zyne. I chuckled the other day when I was working with one of my students and he kept referring to "e-ZYNE-articles dot com".
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    I must be one of the very few people who pronounce it eee-zine (rhymes with fine)
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