How do I go about offering my Spanish website?

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Hello Warriors,

I have a Spanish site with a generic Spanish (DOT.COM) domain name that I want to sale. I have a huge company advertising on my site already. I get paid based on the leads. The problem is my site is in Spanish,and the advertiser application is in English. I do not have any leads because of the application is in English and not Spanish. I am getting visitors to my site and the banners are receiving clicks.

I have been running the site since 2009,Adsense,CJ,and Linkshare. This company is advertising on my site for four months,direct partnership.. At this point I am tired of running the site. I just want to ask the company are they interested in acquiring the site. How should I go about this? Should I end the partnership than ask if they are interested in buying the site? The real gem is the generic domain name. One of their competitors own the plural domain name.

Please help.
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