Anyone in the Fitness Niche?

by rimam1
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Hey Warriors,

I run a fitness blog (mainly geared towards guys) and wanted to know if anyone else here is in the fitness niche.

If so, how are you growing your site? What forums do you hang out at? How are you monetizing currently?

Would be great to see how others are doing with their fitness blogs

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    Is this a hobby for you, or a business?

    If blogging is just a hobby, which most blogs are, then just go hang out on others health forums.

    If its a business and you want to make money I would dump the blog and get a product out there to sell with your expertise.

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    There's a guy called Paul Mort in the UK who runs a podcast and membership newsletter for personal trainers. I think you'd be interested in what he has to say.

    But... if you can target your market and create a good enough squeeze page you can still push the opt-in. For sure.

    Then the know, like and trust comes from the email follow-up.

    Just because you see squeeze pages as spammy only means that you are not your market. You need to see a blog, read a blog and so forth. I'm the same. But plenty of people will opt-in. I guess (this is me guessing now) it comes down to qualifying and attracting your potential leads with the right squeeze page offer.

    Just shooting my mouth off. But I've collected leads from SEO to a longer form squeeze page in the fitness world.
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    I think you could do what Tyler said but use the list to drive traffic back to the blog. I don't agree that the blog has to be dropped entirely. You could send excerpts of posts in you emails to drive some traffic back to the blog to tie everything together.
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    Saturated to death. 99% of the stuff is hyped, not needed, but i guess that's life.
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    Brother, fitness is the real niche. If you want to grow your blog then go after Unique Content.

    Deeply analyze the latest trends in fitness niche and sort out some long-tail keywords. Keep your blog updated with some amazing facts regarding fitness niche. Keep your visitors coming back to your site, it will increase your authority in the topic.

    Some clickbank products are of great option for monetization.

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    Fitness Blog for Guys...

    For guys in their 20's who want to be the next Crossfit Champ?

    For guys in their 30's who want girls in their 20's to notice them?

    For guys in their 40's and 50's who want to lose the belly and get fit?

    For guys who want to build muscle?

    It is going to depend a little on who your market is.

    Example: Let's say you are targeting guys in their 20's who want to build incredible bodies and fitness, while having fun. How many people could you interview in the Chicago area who are seriously into Crossfit, right now before the Reebok Crossfit Games? Using that interest to drive traffic to your videos, blog posts, etc..

    Latch onto areas of interest and use them to draw people to your blog, opt-in forms, and product.
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