How to make money on Twitter ?

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I am quite sure that most of us would have thought about this concept at least once in their life that Is it really possible to make money through Twitter.

Honestly, I think making money on Twitter is not a big deal if you really want to do it. Its very easy to earn money from Twitter .

Here are some tips how you can earn money from Twitter.
  1. You need trusted number of followers.
  2. Good website and or blog to let people know you.
If you have above two things then Possible ways of making money on Twitter are as under:-

  • Direct advertisement from products/services
  • Tweeting Affiliate links to your account or followers.
  • Traffic sharing through navigation bars / frames
  • Twitter profile background Ad space
  • Tweeting links from other sites
These are good ways for make money on Twitter .

Twitter is not meant for advertising or making money from it. It doesn't even make any money for itself, until now. So make your choice, do it only if you think you can pull it off without hurting your followers, in fact only if it helps them in anyway.
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    These are some good tips for making money with Twitter. I have never used it a lot and as a result haven't had much success. I think I am going to give it a shot.
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    ill go ahead and give twitter another crack. any good programs out there that will help?
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    Hi CWDSteve

    here is a link to a free twitter ebook that will get you started:

    become a twitter expert in 24hrs and break into the twitter niche

    twitter is really good for getting you established quickly or growing your sales if your already an internet marketer. I launched a blog on there not long ago didnt really put much effort in to it and now its a page rank 3 on google.

    kind regards

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    The best way to make money from/with Twitter is to not try and game the system. Use it as a social tool and make friends, don't just hype products to make money. Network and build a relationship with people. Then if you come across a good product let them know, but do it as a friend and not just someone trying to make a commission.
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