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I can't access from any of my computers (office or home) Anyone else able to access?
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    Thanks, I tried that, I wonder what the problem could be, says it is up.. hmmm...

    My Marketing Experiment - My attempt to try out all the "money making methods" out there and post my results.
    My Marketing Experiment

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      I actually found this post by googling it for the title of this post. I haven't been able to access it for 2 days. I want to check it out because of the nice looking wso for scribd, I've never really poked around on the site. So hope it goes up quick again
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        I was able to get the site to pull up just fine no issues at all. Try clearing your cache and see if that helps? Otherwise I have no idea.
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    Figures... Scribd has been up and down the past 2 days after barely having any problems in 2 years in regards to uptime...

    No one really knows what's up. I checked Twitter and Google News but found nothing...

    But they are having problems keeping the site up... it's not just your computer or browser...
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