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Can I add an extra "r" to the end of a word or is it trademarked? For example if I were to register a real word with an "r" like could I get into trouble and get an email from Fiverr saying Hey we have the rights to the double r or is it ok?
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    While I am not an attorney, I'm fairly certain you can use a double r in that setting. If you used some direct variation of a trademarked name that would be an issue. In your example, if hiker is trademarked, adding an extra r wouldn't prevent them from coming after you for trademark infringement.
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    In this case especially, I'd say you're fine. Without getting bogged down in a discussion of international law, it looks like Fiverr is based in Israel and yours will be a URL and business based in the UK, yes? Trademark protections most likely do not cross borders...
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    In theory yes you can!
    and i think is not a risk, there are many firm whom name is copied by minor companies

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    Like ron said, you won't get any issues if you are using a trademark name. If it is not means, you can use it without any problem. Few years ago, i used some variant name FedEx and within no time, their attorney sent an email to block it.
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    no hikerr would not be a problem

    but if you did

    that might get a letter from there lawyer.

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