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I've had a Twitter account for a while and typically make a couple of posts to it every day. It's been growing at the rate of a couple of dozen new followers a day, I typically follow people in the IM world so if you have a Twitter link on your Warrior Forum profile there's a good chance that I'm following you! Most IM people seem to follow back.

My account was growing at a steady rate for several months and a few weeks ago I passed the 2500 followers mark, not a huge amount by Twitter standards but more people than I've ever invited over to dinner at one shot! The account continued to grow, and at one point 2564 people were following me.

A few days later it dropped by about 140 followers. This has never happened before. I was thinking that some of my followers may have had their accounts banned and maybe Twitter did a mass-removal of banned accounts?

Since then I have seen it drop a bit more, now the followers are finally going up but at a rate of only 2 or 3 a day. I'm now at 2446 followers.

Has anyone else experienenced anything like this recently? I never said or did anything contreversial, I never post affiliate or squeeze-page links, in fact I've never tried to sell anything on my tweets - when I do post a link it's usually to an interesting blog post to which I have no affiliation. I will be the first to admit that I'm not the worlds most interesting person to follow, but I never lost 140 followers in a day before!

I'm not really complaining, but I was wondering if I did something to annoy Twitter? I've only tweeted manually and haven't used any software to build up my followers.


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    I just cracked a thousand last night (two months to the day), but there was a lot of fluctuating in the 900s - I kept losing ten and fifteen followers at a time, then gaining fifteen or twenty.

    Watching my follower list showed a pattern of who was unfollowing: people who had recently followed me, made few tweets, were following a large number of people, and had few followers. Invariably, these accounts identified themselves with pictures of young, attractive women. (One of them said "Hi this is Ryan" in the auto-DM on follow last night... oops.)

    Twitter is cracking down on follower churn and shady activity. These accounts are setting off multiple flags in the Twitter system and getting suspended or cancelled rapidly. They're not real followers; they're spammers.
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      I lost about 950 followers during Twitter's cleanup.

      They were probably all spammers, so no loss there.

      Still, that's a big chunk to disappear virtually all at once.

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      Dan also writes content for hire, but you can't afford him anyway.
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    Yeah, I heard Twitter's cleaning up. I lost like 300 followers.
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    I think in a way what happened is good for everyone. Now you know about your actual followers instead of some high numbers. But on the other hand you are bound to feel sad about it, I did too.
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      Originally Posted by Dally137 View Post

      I think in a way what happened is good for everyone. Now you know about your actual followers instead of some high numbers. But on the other hand you are bound to feel sad about it, I did too.
      Who cares about fake followers? I'am all for the cleanup; You can then more accurately measure your website analytics. Just my two cents ...
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    Yep it was just fake followers who were spamming affiliate links for the most part and some even spamming links full of malware. No big loss.
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    In addition Ross Goldberg, John Reese, et. al. are advocating unfollowing those you really don't read or need. I had 1700 or so followers and was following 1800 or so people, then I just unfollowed everyone and soon my following count was down around 750 or so.

    Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. -Winston Churchill

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    I've actually gained over 200 the last few days.

    I've never really been that active at it until about last Friday.

    Remember, it's all about relationship building, not selling.
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    Yes, Mike Dillard gave us a "headsup" that he was only going to be true following....and with Twitter Karma now becoming more popular, ppl are "unfollowing" people who aren't following them.

    Sure enough, I was unfollowed, but then I got to see his VERY small list of who he follows. That speaks volumes to me, and good to see who they admire and garner info from.
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