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Can someone tell me is there a way to add a Terms of Service and privacy policy, and other pages in the footer of my wordpress blog? So that way they dont show up in the sidebar and header. Thanks~!
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    There's a plugin called Page Links Manager (I think that's the name) that allows you to hide the links on your menu, just Google it. As for adding the links to your footer you'll need to edit footer.php

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    Thank you Alan. I am going to check it out. I dont want to exclude any pages from being seen. Just want it to be excluded from being in the side bar and the precious real estate in the header.

    But I see as you said, have to edit the footer.php. Is there somewhere that goes over how to do that for someone who is semi new to coding and changing codes?
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      The plugin "hides" the page, and doesn't exclude or delete the page. (before you hide it browse to the URL and copy it so you can add it to the footer). As for the side bar you can use some widgets and it should disappear, or you can mess with the php files if you know whet you're looking for. And for the footer I use HTML, I just make the links in Kompozer and copy and paste them into the php file, might take a little experimenting to get the placement right so I just copy the original php file into notepad first in case I mess up, or you can reupload footer.php.

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    There is a good guide here: Customizing Your WordPress Theme Footer Lorelle on WordPress

    BTW im not affiliated with that site
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