Starting to write stories: what marketing resources can you point me to? Any tips?

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I enjoy writing. It's pretty satisfying crafting a well thought out story that takes place in a world that you created. You are essentially God, and I think that's awesome!

I have some ideas for some Sci-Fi Novels and I also want to write erotic shorts, and I am hearing that is a way to get a decent amount of money, while I focus on bigger projects, like the novels.

What are some good marketing methods? Any resources you can point me to? Obviously, I won't start marketing until I release something, which I haven't done yet. I hope to finish my first erotic short soon.

Also, in regards to marketing, I would like to have a pen name for the erotica, as I would imagine that the erotica might tarnish my rep when I release novels on Kindle.

What are your suggestions? Any tips? Thanks!
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