Starting to write stories: what marketing resources can you point me to? Any tips?

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I enjoy writing. It's pretty satisfying crafting a well thought out story that takes place in a world that you created. You are essentially God, and I think that's awesome!

I have some ideas for some Sci-Fi Novels and I also want to write erotic shorts, and I am hearing that is a way to get a decent amount of money, while I focus on bigger projects, like the novels.

What are some good marketing methods? Any resources you can point me to? Obviously, I won't start marketing until I release something, which I haven't done yet. I hope to finish my first erotic short soon.

Also, in regards to marketing, I would like to have a pen name for the erotica, as I would imagine that the erotica might tarnish my rep when I release novels on Kindle.

What are your suggestions? Any tips? Thanks!
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    Do you want to release your novel only after it is completed and then start marketing? Or will you periodically release shorts for free? If that is a case, set up a Fanbook Fanpage for your shorts.

    Hope it helps
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    Join the subforum for plenty of tips and dozens of free reports on non fiction and fiction topics. It's a great savings and investment. Plus the fastest way to having a team of people behind you.

    keep moving forward

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    Check out the self-publishing podcast.

    Go back, start from the beginning and listen to them all. The guys are wicked and the podcast starts when they start and now (I believe) they're all full-time authors. I believe it's only a couple of years in too.
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    If you are going to create your own product, I would learn how to market your product online with pay per click.

    Then when you do start to get people to join and download your product, allow them to also join your own affiliate program. That way, some of your new customers will even want to make some extra money and sell your program to others. This will only increase your sales (money) and help you get more affiliates down the road.
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      Tal, I am speaking about writing fiction. I don't have much knowledge that is worth writing a valuable eBook about.

      For those who published short stories, I read about people who put out 2,3, maybe even 4 5,000+ word stories in a week. How do you do that? Do you outsource? I can write 500-1000 words a day before I'm done.
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    Pay the twenty bucks and join the Kindle subforum like sweetcrabhoney suggested. Bryan Kumar's guides for marketing on Kindle in there are well worth it. Plus it's actually pretty active...if you have questions or need suggestions, you'll get responses from people really doing the work.
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