The 2 Best Ways I've Personally Found to Really Make Money!

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Hey Fellow Warriors,

I just came across a post yesterday about a sick person who'se stuck in hospital and cannot work. He's totally desperate and needs money NOW. He's at the end of his ropes, has bills to pay and is in a huge pickle.

I think nobody on the face of the earth deserves such a fate, but sometimes that's exactly what it takes for the very best ideas to come forth.

Anyway, Here are 2 Ideas that Have Really Worked for Me:

Reliable Automated Trading Systems:

Refer to This Post.

Proven Solo Ads to Top Converting Business Opportunity CPA Offers:

The best solo ads can be bought at The system tracks everything and you get to review the sellers, so scammers have no chance of hiding bad reviews. The Best CPA offers can be found on You can view offers from all the cpa networks and sort by payout etc. I usually type 'business opportunity' into the offervault search bar and hit 'search'. Once the results appear, I sort by 'payout' and look for the highest paying email submit offers. I then apply with the affiliate network running the offer. Once I'm approved, I send solo ads to my affiliate link. That's it.

These are 2 Things that have Worked for Me. Do Chime in with a Comment on What has Worked for You. We all Could Learn from One Another and You Never Really Know Who and How Your Valuable Information Could Help Someone Who is at the End of His or Her Ropes. Also, You Never Really Know What Opportunities, Resources or Even Joint-Venture Partners You'll Find By Simply Being Genuine & Generous. Open Sharing Has Opened Countless Doors for Me, and will continue to do so for many, many years to come.

To Your Health, Wealth & Happiness.


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    I was little bit confuse on this concept can you provide a video link
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    Me thinks you are simply self promoting. Forex trading is not a sustainable money maker unless you are the vendor/broker
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    Forex trading is only for those who have some big amount at their back to test the water level before chiming in. Those who are struggling and have very little to spend they should avoid forex trading.

    It will eat your money in no time.

    try to find some other online working options to make some extra bucks.

    If you have some skills then you can make money online easily just you have to find the right track.

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    I tried Forex a while back and found that it was easy to make money, and easy to lose money. You also have to be quick.

    there's a reason you don'y pay capital gains tax on Forex trading. It's classed as gambling.
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    About the solo ads, how do the solo sellers guarantee a certain no of clicks at a fixed per-click price? Like in banner/text ads /PPC - buyer has to pay per click, but is also rewarded/punished based on CTR of his ad. So, isn't the buyer responsible for a good ad that will get him max CTR in solo ads?

    What if we send them an ad for a topic that has low interest/demand - so gets low CTR's. Will they still send us all the clicks at the same price?

    Also, how do they guarantee a certain no of clicks? Do they send out emails in small batches until you get the no of clicks bought?
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    Forex trading is very risky and should only be done by someone who has
    good knowledge of this platform and also those who have some money to spare.
    I would not advise someone to use there last savings to do forex trading.
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    Originally Posted by nivlek2009 View Post

    The 2 Best Ways I've Personally Found to Really Make Money!
    I have an even better 2-step process for making money:

    1) Get a job

    2) Wait on the tax return
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      Originally Posted by Randall Magwood View Post

      I have an even better 2-step process for making money:

      1) Get a job

      2) Wait on the tax return
      I've got you beat: Withhold less than you're going to owe, and then you can skip Step Two!
      Put MY voice on YOUR video:
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    Forex is an easy way to make money, but as one said before it is also easy to lose money, you need to have a strategy, and proven trading systems help with that. I'm supervised that list building, through a solid funnel, more so wasn't one your best methods to making money...

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    I see lots of responses about Forex being risky and not being sustainable. All valid points, but if you think about it, what is? Web design used to be extremely lucrative because it required very specialized coding skills. Now, it's so easy and dirt cheap that people would rather set up their own sites than pay thousands of dollars. Just install a wordpress blog and you're good to go. Want customizations? Look for a free plugin or hire someone from Why do you think the Giants like Google and Facebook are making small and large changes to their interfaces every few days? Did you notice that the Facebook app changed again? As for risk, exercise due diligence, look for reviews, and weigh out the pros and cons before taking any action. But the fact of the matter is that just about everything has risk. Is an ad in the New York Times a guaranteed winner? Forex too most definitely has risk, but the potential is limitless. Off course, newbies shouldn't put in their life savings, but let's not forget that the top traders were once newbies and decided to start somewhere...And Sam Mott, yes the solo seller will send until you get the number of clicks you bought. That's the beauty of it. No matter how crappy your email swipe is, the seller is obligated to send 100 clicks if you bought 100 clicks. Your optins will off course depend on the quality of your optin page. This is about as close to 'guaranteed' as you possible can get. 90% of Banner placement ads don't even get clicks, let alone subscribers.
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