Fellow Warriors: What is the Absolute Fastest Way to Make Money, Not Just Online, But Anywhere?

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Hey Fellow Warriors,

What's the Absolute Fastest Way to Make Money, Not Just Online, but Anywhere?

I wrote a thorough, but straight-forward post on the 2 Best Money-Making Methods that Have Worked for Me Personally.

Here It Is:

What has Worked for You?

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    For me it was selling stuff on Ebay or in a specialised classifieds. This wasn't a proper business really but did pay the rent from time to time. The essence of it is knowing a lot about something and buying them when you find one below what you know you can sell them for. I did this with musical instruments many years ago. But it takes knowledge and legwork (and some money to start with).

    There used to be people that would sell stuff on Ebay for others on consignment, probably still are, although listing items has become easier now it's still a bit of a hassle so there's a service with some value for those willing to put in the effort.
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    IMHO, the absolute fastest way to make money is by providing a service with the skills you already have. Can be done online or offline as well. The amount of money you make will eventually be limited by time, since we only have 24 hours a day. But you can come up with a system that's scalable by outsourcing and doing "arbitrage".
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    Not waiting around until you are in the situation where you NEED to make the money.

    From a selling perspective, neediness/desperation is the worst position for you to be in.

    People can sense desperation from miles away. And it's Sales Repellent.

    If you're a month from Trouble with a capital T, and you've got nothing going on, GET TO WORK NOW.

    Otherwise, the weeks are going to go by, and suddenly you're going to be nose-to-nose with the probability of losing some things that are very dear to you. Start Now, with what you have now.

    And please do NOT drop your last fifty bucks on some "magic system" that promises the moon. It won't work.
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    Most people seem to write articles when they need fast money. It is something simple that almost anyone can do.
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