Be Gracious, Warrior, For You, Too, Will Need Grace One Day

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A fellow Warrior needs help. A flesh-and-blood human being we know in one way or another. Not the faceless "nick" of an unknown entity. (Details here

When someone you know needs help, you help if you can. You don't judge how he/she got into that predicament. You don't say "You should have known better. You got yourself into this, now dig yourself out". You don't throw him to the wolves, or the lions or the winds of misfortune.

You help.

Someone needs help.

A fellow Warrior. A fellow human being.

Will you help?

Watch the video. Will you be the man who stands at a distance while his workers take away granny's things, or will you be the granny herself and her granson as well.

(Note:I posted this at the "Mind Warriors" forum earlier. Thought it would be appropriate for this post, too.)

Will you help?

A Warrior needs help.


A touching TV commercial for the 2005 Chinese New Year by acclaimed Malaysian director Yasmin Ahmad. She passed away yesterday from a stroke (Film director Yasmin Ahmad dies), but her memory is saying this to us...

May I, may we, never forget the values that she so deftly depicted in all her films.

The literal translation of what the grandmother told the boy is something like "Able to eat the bitter, able to let go, have love in the heart, is enough"

(Zi de ku, kan de kai, yu ai xin, jiu ke yi le)

I and most people my age (40s) have known such circumstances and surroundings (yes, even my ultra-hip, ultra-modern "baby sis", Ashley) not to mention our parents and their parents. Still, no matter how hard the times, how little we had, how tough it got, it was all about love, family, filial piety, understanding, forgiveness, friendship, etc. May I remember and be able to teach my children such things.

And give them roots as well as wings...
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