Fellow Warriors I failed

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I've made so far 2 teespring campaigns. I've failed with both.

First Teespring campaign - 0 sales
Second campaign - 1 sale but advertising cost me little more than 1 shirt sold ... But I was so happy for some time.

Should I do something else I think that selling shirts is hard and you need allot of money to start.

Thank you for your time and have a nice day.
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      Originally Posted by discrat View Post

      Are you kidding me ? Just two campaigns.

      Try running 30 and then give me a call

      - Robert Andrew

      Some of the best advice you will get

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    How much are you making per sale per shirt? If you are not making at least $50-200 on the front end, I don't think that it is worth it to sell shirts.

    Take your ad money and look for affiliate programs, even if they are tangible goods, that will pay you higher commissions.
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    I wouldn't look at it as failure, but rather a lesson. Maybe you need to do some tweaking in your ad. Or try to market in a different way.
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    I know a couple of people who've been successful with T-shirts. Trust me, you're just getting started!
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    Hey Springy! I know that feeling. I just jumped into the Teespring world. I anxiously refreshed my page checking for sales.

    Quick question: How did you target your audience?
    How much did you spend?

    My last 5 campaigns have all tipped. Netting me right around 550 profit after cost of ads.

    My best suggestion. Research, research, research. Make something that they want.
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    You didn't fail. You just found out how it doesn't work. Grow some britches, get back on that bike and keep at it. You'll get there!
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      Originally Posted by yragcom1 View Post

      You didn't fail. You just found out how it doesn't work. Grow some britches, get back on that bike and keep at it. You'll get there!
      Positive thinking! I love this quote. Thanks.
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        All successfull IMers have faced adversity. The only way you truly fail is if you decide to quit all togeather. Unless you give up, every experienced failed or not is a learning one.

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    If Thomas Edison had given up after 2 attempts, the world might have been a different place now.

    Consider them experiments so that you can learn about your target market and how to gain customers while keeping costs low.
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  • Hi Springy

    two campaigns have nothing to say that you have failed, are just experiences, now you know how not to do, something changes and continue the work!

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    Congrats on failing this makes you one step closer to succeeding...

    You learn from your mistakes and can always do better...

    I am doing fb advertising and the first ad I ran I lost 50 bucks in about 2 minutes, but I didn't quit...

    You know what I did I bought some courses on FB advertising and started studying how the successful fb marketers are marketing and copying that and making my own.

    Don't quit just get better.

    Nothing is going to be perfect when you start.

    Have you ever worked a job?

    Were you the best at the job on day 1?

    Did you make some mistakes?
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    Remember this...Rovio created 51 game apps before he hit the jackpot with Angry Birds. Now THAT'S a lesson in persistance.
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    Two campaigns is no where near enough for a valid sample size.

    That said take pride in the fact that you have taken action! That is the biggest hurdle. Why did you chose tshirts? Find something, stick to it and make it work. Be sure to be open to learnings along the way.
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    If you think you failed, you had failed. If you quit, you failed. But that's only 2 campaigns. If you are thinking of earning easy money, get a job then..

    Good luck!
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    Hey thanks all for motivation and good words. I won't give up, for sure.
    For now.. I'll analyze my results.
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    Hey you haven't failed you've just entered the IM reality.

    This is a fact to bear in mind.

    100% of all those who gave up before they succeeded have failed. . . . . . But 100% of all those who succeeded, never gave up.

    If you keep working at it, and learn all you can along the way, then it's not a matter of "IF" it's just matter of "WHEN."
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