Where to find sports writers ?

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Where do you go to find sports writers ?

I've tried some of the usual suspects, general freelancer websites, with great varying results but i'm wondering if maybe there's something out there a little more dedicated to sports writing ?
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    What type of sports writer are you searching for?


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      Originally Posted by deebee23 View Post

      What type of sports writer are you searching for?
      It varies, sometime in-depth articles, sometimes short previews.
      ( i'm not sure there are different 'types' of sports writers )

      It's not so much the type of writing it's more about finding people that can write with correct english grammar. You'd think any writer would have this most basic requirement covered but you'd be surprised at the garbage i sometimes get.

      Accuracy often lacks, as in elementary knowledge of the sport you write about.

      Last but not least, writing skills.
      The ability to take a subject and accurately describe it in a way the reader gets informed about it. With a writing style that is easy to read so the information is transferred without unneccesary effort for the reader. Like decrypting sentences of half a page.
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        Types of writers:


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    To mention some of the ones i already know about:

    I used to love vworker and used freelancer.com from time to time. Unfortunately since they merged it has gone downhill quite a bit.

    These days for writing jobs i get 30 bids from asian regions. I have completely stopped using them as the quality you get tends to be quite low. On several occasions now the work i got was nowhere near the examples in the portfolio. Not to mention the waste of time with people that don't even read what it is you want but just bid blindly.

    Then i may get a couple from europe or the US but here too it's usually hit and miss to find anyone decent at a reasonable rate. I've come to the conclusion i'm wasting my time on freelancer.com for writing work.

    Seems popular here but in 12 years of working with freelancers my absolute worst experience ever. They actually banned me after a few weeks saying i contacted writers outside the site. a) i didn't, b) no communication to my helpdesk entry or emails, c) confiscated the money left in the account. Total rip-off as far as i'm concerned.

    Regardless of the above i found it impossible to work with. Imagine this: "Hello writer, i want you to create some content appropriate for website X. But i'm not allowed to tell you what website X is" Does that make sense to anyone. Anyhow doesn't work for me, moving on.

    Here i recently found some writers that provide good quality at reasonable prices. Mainly europeans and some from the US. But here too it takes a few hit and miss jobs before you get a good match. For the higher quality prices tend to be a little too much. I've had job asking for 10$/1000 words sometimes up to 25$/1000 words depending on the quality or level of research. But then i get a handfull bids above 100$/1000 words. I can be flexible but that's just not realistic.

    oDesk / now upwork.com
    Used them on a few occasions for programming work but so far not for writing jobs. Are they worth a shot for sports writers ?

    Is there any other place a bit more dedicated to writing work / sports writing ?
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    Sites like Bleacher Report.com are sports sites that use freelance writers. The way they get their writers is by paying a few staff writers and then having a help wanted link that visitors see.

    They try to cover all major sports so they need lots of writers. People apply to write for their favorite teams or cities teams. Most write for free as a way to build a portfolio or just to take pride in saying that they are a sports writer. As the site gains ad revenue, the writers may get some sort of payment, either by the article or some sort of payment for agreed upon output.

    The way they get the writers is by generating traffic, so there has to be enough interesting sports articles to be of interest while you continue to add articles each day. As more visitors come to the site, you have more potential writers submitting their writing samples for consideration. Some expect pay, some just want to be a part of something they think may be great.

    If you can't wait for writers to find your site, you could take out ads at writers for hire websites/hubs explaining your vision or even throw out ads anywhere else you want to try. Not sure about Craig's List. Be sure and get writing samples though to make sure the applicants can actually write well.

    Best of Luck!
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      I would comment in Sports Forums with a signature link and an icon. Others will find you easily.
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      Interesting concept at Bleacher report, but i tend to have much more 'static' sites that don't require my attention every day. However i may put up some ads here and there on my sites saying 'writers wanted' and see what comes out of it. And btw. samples are no guarantee at all.

      thanks but that would take me way too much time.
      Unless i can do that as a small ad on a sports forum, might look into that.
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      In that case i need writers for all 'types' of sport.
      There are over 80 professional sports with the top level at the Olympics or a World Championship.

      Try finding someone for Athletics or Gymnastics, Volleyball, Handball, Cycling, the whole group of Winter Sports, not to mention the really niche sports only played in one country like American Football.
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  • Hi datapunter

    try to see in the forum of sport, maybe dedicated to each discipline.

    Good luck!

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    Originally Posted by datapunter View Post

    Where do you go to find sports writers ?

    I've tried some of the usual suspects, general freelancer websites, with great varying results but i'm wondering if maybe there's something out there a little more dedicated to sports writing ?
    Did you check with the Upwork? it is formerly known as Odesk. I am sure you will get your expected writers here, beside the upwork, you can check with Freelancer, elance, fiverr, vworker & so other many place. Thanks for your advance.


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