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Hey warriors

I was recently on an email marketing training webinar and something my coach said hit me really hard in the gut. Up until now I have been making this same mistake over and over again and I am working on rectifying it.

A lot of their email marketers are making this same mistake.

When new email marketers first learn about creating their first squeeze page they are told to offer free information.
So many courses and books are saying you must use the word FREE on your opt in page to get more subscribers.
It is said that the word free will increase the number of clicks to your squeeze page and hence the number of conversions. This is very true.

Why? Because people love free stuff.

Hence why the end of the day using the word free does increase the number of people subscribers on your email list.

However there is one problem with using the word free on your squeeze page.

FREE attracts freebie/opportunity seekers.

Think about it.

As internet marketers our main goal is to help people solve their problems, and to make money at the same time.

Using the word free on your squeeze page will attract the wrong people who want free stuff, and who are not willing to invest their money into buying the products that are going to help them.

They will opt in to your email list, and very seldom will they purchase any products or services you are recommending.

I have seen this too with my email campaigns. I have built very large email lists however only a small proportion of my subscribers become buyers. Even with a well thought out and carefully planned campaign, it is hard to make sales because the people who landed on your website expects free stuff from you.

Yes using the word free will get you more subscribers, However instead of getting the most subscribers we should focus on getting quality subscribers.

When building your squeeze page it is better to focus on who you are targeting.

We want people who are serious and want to take action to make a great change in their life.

We are looking for people who are willing to take action no matter what the price is.

If you are in the Internet Marketing niche our ideal customers would be serious strategic entrepreneurs who are ready to take the plunge and do whatever it take to become successful in their internet marketing career, even if they have to spend money.

That is the type of subscriber we are looking for.

So instead of saying FREE video or FREE report or FREE course, it is more worthwhile to say for example "Comprehensive course reveals how to make 6 figures online at a shoestring budget".

By making this small tweak, you are going to attract the right kind of people, people who are serious and willing to take action because they already know that they will have to pay for something.

What do you guys think about this, is it better to use the words FREE or not?
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    i do agree with you Dave, the word FREE is always attractive to eyes people, but as you said already it will appeal to low quality subscribers,

    another think we also can do is to specify it on the AD we use, you will receive much less FREE stuff seeker
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    You do have a point with the "free" word, but even when a subscriber joins looking for the free stuff, you still don't sell anything to him/her for next day 6-7 anyway, right?

    So basically, yes initially they join, because they want to get the free report or whatever you're offering, but then over the course of next few days, you "warm them up" with useful advice/tips/tricks for the ebook you will pitch to them after 5-6 emails.

    In the end, someone who joined your list just to get the freebie, ends up buying the paid product, because you've established trust with that subscriber and "converted" him/her to a buyer.

    Of course, this is all theory, and you would need solid numbers to back it up, but that's how I see it.
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    Originally Posted by Dave Kash View Post

    I was recently on an email marketing training webinar and something my coach said hit me really hard in the gut.
    Gotta think for yourself sometimes bro - especially if you're already making good money in your online biz.

    I love the word free.... even bold and BIG in my headline on my sales letters that sell my ebooks for $27.

    Even if the word "free" attracted alot of freebie seekers.... 20%-30% percent of your opt-in leads will never respond to you anyway. Due to bogus addresses, double opt-in reasonings, choice of autoresponder, autobots, etc.

    Free is definitely still powerful. So YES, it is still good to use the word free.
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    I do agree that using word "FREE" depends on your funnel set up, and what type of visitors, you are targeting. If you have sales funnel, then definitely "FREE" word will get you lower conversions. However, if you are targeting warm traffic from other sources and further segment them into tight niches, then "FREE" word will get you more subs and give more possibility to test your offers.
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    Even the big MLM companies online use the word FREE on their opt in pages that they give affiliates. Sure you will attract a lot of freebie seekers but even if you take off the word FREE from your opt in page, this will probably not increase your conversions.
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    • Profile picture of the author Tyler Pratt
      Your main goal should be to get someone into your funnel.

      Not what words are used to get people in that funnel.

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    FREE is always good. But even better when it's FREE for a limited time only. You don't want to appear as some person that just gives away free stuff. Let your suscriber be aware of how much your free product really costs and if they get it now then they would be quite lucky.
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  • Profile picture of the author Dave Kash
    Great comments!

    This topic is very debatable and whether someone chooses to use the word FREE on their squeeze or not page is completely up to them.

    Ceenote100 made a great point in that you do not want to come off as a freebie seeker. Because your subscribers will develop the mindset that everything you are offering is free. The minute you sell them a product they will stop reading your emails, or unsubscribe.

    It is better to tell your list that you will be promoting awesome products to help better their lives in advance (First email) than to chock them with a promotion.

    Great points
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      Originally Posted by Dave Kash View Post

      It is better to tell your list that you will be promoting awesome products to help better their lives in advance (First email) than to chock them with a promotion.
      To some extent... although it's not so much about the expectation. I don't even mention about promoting products. Pre-framing is a crucial part, but if your intentions are just to promote products, then in most cases you'll see an increase in subscribers after that first email.

      This isn't to say that promoting product after product doesn't work. But the content of your emails should be in the best interest of the subscriber and not just saying that you're going to be promoting awesome products, because that doesn't mean anything to them. Everyone is different and they'll all need help in different ways.
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