Is this a start? In confuse.....

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Hi! Greetings to all...

I am Vinay Kumar, just started a website called vkmarketplace. In this website, i have added around 350 products of clickbank from various categories.

The point is I don't know any marketing strategies. I know Only theories like what is seo, smo and various marketing techniques, not practically though.

I just want to add all the products of clickbank to my website. That's my future implementation.

I have heard very less people succeed with clickbank who promote their products.

Can i succeed with clickbank? or am i in the wrong path?

For marketing terms i am reading some seo guides and all... As far everything goes on, maybe i'll implement seo marketing strategies for my website in future.

I don't know what to do, where to start. As far as about my background, i don't have any budget for marketing terms and all.

I have purchased vkmarketplace domain for around $12 and for shared hosting plans from hostgator for $8 i guess.

So what to do? Warriors just please suggest where to start? and how to convert into a great future?

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    Originally Posted by vinayvinu View Post

    So what to do? Warriors just please suggest where to start? and how to convert into a great future?


    The whole concept behind the Warrior Forum is to discuss and learn about Internet marketing . . . so in a sense, everything that is here is related to what you're asking . . . How to market a business online?

    May I suggest that you begin by spending time here on the forum, observing and watching what successful IMers are doing in their businesses then transfer those concepts/strategies/approaches to your own online business.

    You'll find your best answers if you seek, one by one, solutions to specific things you want to know. So, for instance, if it's setting up a Clickbank affiliate site, or an eCommerce site, then ask about those particular things (one question at a time). If you want to know about driving traffic to Clickbank offers, research that here on the forum. Make good use of the search function and search on specific things (not everything at once).

    People here are happy to help you . . . but if you ask very broad or general questions like "how do I do marketing?" you get few, if any, helpful answers. People here are busy and don't have time to tell you everything they know about marketing.

    The best to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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      Hi Vinay ,
      I have used same idea years before but copying all products from clickbank and putting on your websites will not help you.

      Ask yourself why people will visit your website instead of clickbank.

      You must first select a niche and build a website ,write about your niche and then relate your content to clickbank products related to your niche

      Good Luck,if you need any help ,i am here

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    Why not pick one of the 350 products.

    Focus on making one sale, and then scaling up.

    Makes no sense to putt up all those products and hope for the best.

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    Vinay Kumar,
    You're on the right path by getting hosting & your own domain.
    However, in moving products from Clickbank to your website, you're doing nothing more than day dreaming.

    And I truly say that with all due respect, because I have been in your position before!

    Think about when you have all the products in your store. How do you convince others to buy them?

    You still need to market to the potential buyers.

    Why not save yourself the time and effort of moving all the products, and cut out the middle man?

    You have two options to make money in internet marketing. Create products that bring others value, or market others' products that will bring value to other people.

    Welcome, keep learning and studying. You will find your way.
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    Vinay those days are gone now. You have to think of the box to make things happen for you in terms of selling clickbank products.

    No doubt people are making money from clickbank today. Warrior forum is the best place to follow any strategy. Just stick to one, implement it, learn from your mistake and start-over to make sales.

    Marketing has same solid principles, no magic buttons are allowed here too.

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    Find a niche and follow that. A broad scattered approach wont help you.

    Narrow in on something, offer your customers some value, information, expertise on the subject and a reason to follow your recommendation to a product.

    Explore this forum, read, take it in, ask questions.

    The most important thing, take action!

    Good luck
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