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i think my website is a bust! How do you know when its just not going to work? I started my site 6 months ago, have over 40 posts and almost no sales or clicks. People seem to hit the first page and leave.

Any advice? my site is below

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    > Header font is hard to read

    > No headline / what to expect here

    > Dumps the visitor right into these posts--trying to get me to marry you, but we just met on a blind date!

    How do you get your visitors? Is it just random traffic? Are you paying for targeted traffic?

    I don't see an opt-in. People come, people go...you haven't captured them.

    Not the only site like this I've seen this week.
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    Your blog site is only a bust if you give up on it!!

    Because you are not getting the results you are looking for so far, it does not mean that it is not possible to build a successful blog site online in that niche!

    This only means you are not doing several things right. If you are having bounce rate problems - then work a lot more on the design of your site.

    It is all about testing and testing and testing, until you see what is working best. You are not going to find out what works best for you, with just one simple attempt.

    You have to keep going until you get the results you are looking for. And that is the bottom line!

    I took a look at your site - and there is so much room for improvement!

    Making money from a website online, is not just about building it, posting some content, promoting it here and there, and that is it. It takes a lot more than that my friend!

    A lot of people think is super easy to build a money making site. It is a super simple concept, and that concept will only work with MASSIVE CONSISTENT ACTION.

    You will fail, and make mistakes - we ALL do. And only the ones who persevere and keep pushing forward, will make it happen. Most people quit, when they come across a challenge (like you here). And that is what separates the ones who succeed from the ones who never seem to succeed!

    I highly recommend you to learn more on blogging and internet marketing, before you throw the towel. You have a lot to learn and A LOT to do, before you judge whether what you are doing will work or not!

    I hope this helps!

    Keep up the great work!
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  • I'm guessing you'll get very similar comments as some of the issues with your site are common but can be fixed.

    Your header is the first thing I noticed. It's a cute font, but maybe try something easier to read.

    Also, your site almost seems to be designed for people to leave,
    either through your amazon affiliate module on the side,
    or through the "book travel now" links, or the social links on top.

    Also the bottom where people can leave through.
    ("Theme by Colorlib Powered by WordPress ")
    These links are page leaks.
    They serve no purpose other than for people to go check out what theme you are using.

    My guess is that most of your current traffic comes through the few links that you have on your social sites.

    You have a low number of YouTube subscribers "0",
    video views on your videos "12" and "24"
    and the low Facebook like count is "43"
    Your Twitter followers are under 200 and I guess they are mostly random.
    (by the way your Twitter link did not work from your site)

    If this is your current traffic source then I am not surprised you are not getting the results you seek,

    My answer then to your question: "How do you know when its just not going to work?" is,

    when you have driven enough "targeted" traffic to your site in order to see
    if out of x number of highly targeted visitors, a significant amount takes an action.

    Tip: The action should be to get them to subscribe to your mailing list first,
    as this will be easier (and more profitable in the long run) than trying to get them to buy something right away.

    You'll need an auto responder and an optin form to do this.
    This way you can add subscribers on the side bar,
    and add optin links below each article instead of sending them to other sites to
    buy stuff. Getting this in place should become your main priority.
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