New Listbuilding product - but what to name it?

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Just about finishing a new listbuilding product. Now I've seen a lot of these on the market, and bought some myself. Even from some of the top marketers, they tend to be full of a lot of fluff, I'm basically brain dumping everything I've learned, taking all the best bits from everyone and sticking it in one product. Comes with midmap, videos talking through the model,etc.
And my OTO will be actual live videos of me making the front-end and setting everything up.

Anyway, the point is, I'm stuck on a name

Seemingly its not too important, as I know its "how you sell it". However, depending on the theme of the name, it will affect how I write the sales copy, so thought I would post on here to get some suggestions.

First was going to call it "e-Goldmine Formula" - the theme being when you have your own responsive list and can sell clicks, its like owning your own goldmine.

Thought of "Listbuilding Profit Machine" but its kinda meh and boring.
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    Hey kruger7

    While the name of your product does affect how people resonate with it , what matters more is how good and helpful your product is in the first place.

    Is your product like the fluff out there or is it distinguishable?

    Does it have it's oomph factor and why should people buy your product rather than someone else's?

    Once you find out what makes your product stand out from the crowd then it will be much easier to pick a powerful name which people will love.

    But here is a word of advice, keep it original and keep it simple.
    No more than 2 or 3 power words about list building will be more than okay.

    If that doesn't help find a good copywriter (, or with amazing feedback who will come up with a few powerful titles for your product.
    You simply tell them about your product, give them a copy and they will come up with many titles you will like.
    You then just choose then one is the most suitable.

    Hope that helps
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    "My Listbuilding Brain Dump"
    "Everything I Know And Nothing Held Back"
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    You might want to use the word DOMINATION somewhere in the name...

    There seems to be a psychological instinctual reaction to that word among many buyers.
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