Accidentally crashed my website

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Woo! I finally did it! Posted a link on my FB page today and sent a huge load of traffic which bogged my website down for about a minute or so. That's a milestone for me lol.

Has anyone else experienced this bittersweet moment?

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    congrats! I'd love to have that problem!!!
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  • Has anyone else experienced this bittersweet moment?
    Bitter would be the website down.

    Sweet would be getting hundreds of opt ins or purchases from it.

    If they just came, saw, and left,.... then there's no taste at all.

    (as in, no purpose).

    Which one was it?
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      At least you didn't setup a nice PPV campaign with the wrong tracking link, thereby sending good traffic to the wrong offer wasting a crap ton of time and resources.

      I have a few shared hosting accounts and the tracking link that i used happened to be hosted on one of the shared accounts. A few hundred visits within a few minutes and BAM! Account shutdown and for the wrong damned link too lol **facepalm**

      It's only a good problem to have if it happens for the right reasons and even then your hosting should be setup to accommodate whatever you're doing.

      Overall, though, I guess this just begs the question: are there really any "right reasons" for this to happen?
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    Congratulations. Were you able to do something with the traffic? Are there any strategies you employed that you would like to share?
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    I faced this problem in last new year, may be referral traffic from spam bot.
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      Definitely real traffic. Just have never driven so much in a short time to freeze my server up temporarily!
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    Crashed your website: Bad

    Got more traffic and sales: Good
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