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Hello Fellow Warriors,

It is important to have a FORUM as well. I believe creating a community is vital as blogging is more one sided with website visitors reading your content. Blog as well of course but it lacks that interactivity that a FORUM is built for. Also it allows for personality to shine through as we know the FORUM world is primarily about respect and identity.

It's a lot of work though but if you brand it and make people feel welcome and that it's worth their investment in time you'll build a massive community even within a year this can be done as the power of viral is amazing. 5,000 members in a year.

FORUM members to me are worth more than a blog follower. Or maybe that's an impossible measurement to make. Most likely the later.

I've never used anything but vBulletin and I know and like it and it's still the best based on recent research so I'll be using this.

Still trying to decide what website I want to build but I'm going to do both Landing Page websites and do one larger website which I guess is referred to as an "authority website" is that correct?

I'll monetize it with high quality very very selectively strategically chosen relevant affiliate programs. It will be very specific interesting different perspective highly valuable and in demand content based on a few interests I have so I need to be careful choosing.

It's something where you truly have to do what you love first then think about how to monetize it. You'll never invest the time and energy doing something you don't love.

Market it via Branding (Branding increases viral aspect and therefore I consider it marketing), SEO, Social Networking, Social Bookmarking, Back Linking, FORUM viral community, Blog, Forum Signature, Free Classifieds, YouTube Videos, Low cost Long-Tail Keywords so a combination of technology marketing and guerrilla marketing.

After two years I am confident I'll have a substantial business and growing strong. I read one Warrior said "the hard part is not knowing what to do it's doing what you know." and that kind of woke me up. Two years being consistent to "make it" and be well on my way to building a successful business ($5,000-$10,000) month income.

It's all in the niche. Any more insights or advice I'd appreciate it. Specifically the marketing side of it as I know there are more than just Back Links that need to be done I'll have to research that some more.

Thanks Warriors!

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    So you already have your own forum?

    If you will be able to get your members coming back everyday to read and post, you can make money off them. The question is:

    What are you going to post on your forum to make money? Is it banners? Will you allow your members to post ads for a fee? What's your strategy?
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    Awesome stuff! It's building on top of what you have now and by adding a forum is a great idea. Make sure to set an impression on the type of people and content you wanted contributed.

    You could even add a little mastermind or paid section of the forum and create yourself some residual income.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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      Sounds, Like an interesting idea, I have domain that's been lying around for a while and I've been thinking about what to do with it. This might be an option. The name relates to something I'm passionate about. Question though: How do you set up a forum ?
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        Originally Posted by JohnKingley View Post

        Sounds, Like an interesting idea, I have domain that's been lying around for a while and I've been thinking about what to do with it. This might be an option. The name relates to something I'm passionate about. Question though: How do you set up a forum ?
        You would want to start by choosing a good forum software such as vBulletin or xenForo. I would personally not start a new forum using a free or inferior software. Should start with the best imo to give yourself the best shot of success.
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          Yeah I just looked up what vbulletin costs and for that price I think it would be better to do what "Mark Singletary" was suggesting first to see if it's even usefull to go this route.
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    If it were me, because I have seen so few successful forums and so many utter failures, I'd consider a couple different approaches before I went installing a forum script on my site.

    1. Turn on comments on your posts. If you get enough interaction then you may consider a forum.

    2. Consider using FB groups. Using the FB approach also gives you another way to reach and market to your visitors and you don't have to worry about software upkeep. The main downside is that FB may decide to close your group if you break the rules.

    Creating, maintaining, and marketing a forum is a lot of work and takes a lot of time. It's almost like another website to handle in addition to the blog or other content.

    Those that are successful aren't guaranteed longterm success. Even the once mighty Warrior forum - the king of marketing forums at one time - has been in decline the last few years.

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    Thanks Fellow Warriors. I did have my own forum at one point so I'm familiar with it and the work involved. Starting a new venture from scratch. Just know that I want to implement a forum as they are powerful for community building.

    Any additions to the marketing game plan? J

    "Whether you believe you can or can't ... You're right." - Henry Ford, CEO, Ford Motor Company

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  • Starting a forum is a difficult thing to do, but so is everything else worth doing. I hope you have great success with it. I am bookmarking this topic, so if your forum link ends up in your signature I will join.

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    The downside to building forums is gaining traction

    It can take FOREVER to develop a following

    You might even get to that ridiculous stage where people are READING but not POSTING

    You would have to jumpstart the process by hiring EXPERT forum posters but....

    This might not be enough

    You might need to do more

    You might need to do niche blog alliances where your forum acts as THEIR forum

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