Traffic Generation, Free Or Paid?

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Traffic is a big issue being talked about all across the web. And as it should be as we see more and more people turning to the Internet for a second income. Without traffic coming to your landing pages your doomed.

You can use either free traffic or paid traffic and there are opinions on what works best.

I use to create my website pages and send some paid traffic so I can optimize my pages. I use to go through a few bucks before my conversions would go up.

I've discovered that there really is so much traffic out there today that I can do the same thing with free traffic as well. I feel it can take a couple of days longer but I actually think using free traffic methods to optimize my urls is better and does a better job.

What are your thoughts behind it?
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    Free or organic result will stay for long period of time. If you are generating the traffic by paying will only send the fake traffic(people) who generally are not related to your site products or services. So, it is better of having 5 niche interested people instead of 100 fake people.
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      I hate to disagree with you hrishivardhan but if your not learning how to spend twenty dollars and bring back fifty or a hundred your not really leveraging or running a sustainable income.

      When I have a winning offer its diving over to one of my paid traffic sources. I feel if you put your hands in the faith of the organic results your really aren't running a real business. There is no promise you will get traffic for the long term. Yes it is good to invest time on organic marketing strategies and we would be a fool not to for the return over time it can bring. Still today I have clickbank commissions coming in from sites I set up over a year ago and have never touched since.
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    Free marketing does work for a lot of people but there is no guarantee that it will work for you. It takes a long time to see any results. A lot of people try to use free ads for a long time and fail. They work their butts off and still see no results.

    What I love about paid ads is that it gets you really fast results and once you figure out which source of paid ads is working for you, you can scale it up.

    If you want to see faster results, go with paid ads. Start small but start.


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    Both can work equally well.

    What I like to do is be in control of my own traffic platforms and channels; whether these are popular websites, email lists, Facebook pages, or many other locations (the list is as long as your arm). When you control the traffic, you have "more control" over your income. This is one of the reasons you'll see list marketing talked about so much: the potential for stable returns from re-marketing.


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    If you can't profit from ad buys you don't have much of a business.
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    Free traffic takes a long time to generate, if you have the patients to sit it out then go free.

    But Paid traffic gives you instant feed back, and its scalable.

    Figure out how to spend $1.00 and get back $1.50, once you do that its just a matter of how often you want to do that.

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    Originally Posted by EPoltrack77 View Post

    What are your thoughts behind it?

    As I would never want to limit myself and miss out on other sources.

    I prefer paid as it's faster...

    However, there are many free sources you can turn into paid by automating the process.

    (or just outsourcing it)
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    After many years involved in the online marketing game, I have come to the conclusion that you get what you pay for. There is a reason that paid traffic costs money. It's because it actually works and there is inherent value behind it.
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    Free traffic = Long time + many work, but it can works over the time.

    Paid Traffic = much study to learn, great instant results

    After your first tests

    Free Traffic: it continues to generate traffic without any more work.

    Paid Traffic: you can increase your investment to get better results

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    There are so many variable it is impossible to say which is best. This question is asked all the time. It depends on your skill sets, budget, niche, time, offer, short and long-term goals and many other factors.

    If you had all the money and time in the world you would test every single promotion avenue you could possibly think of until you found the winners. Then you would scale up the winners. Then you would start testing again.

    Not all paid traffic generators work the same. Not all "free" traffic generators work the same. I can tell you all the methods that currently work best for me but that won't help you a bit. It might even send you in the wrong directions for your particular situation.
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      I suspect it depends on what you are selling which works better. I sell a lot more courses with paid ads, but many of my pages rank well at the same time. I see no harm in setting up my pages to be well done with SEO when I create them

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    The sooner you can master paid traffic and cash flow management, the sooner you can create positively life altering income.

    Free traffic is great and should be looked at as a bonus. But serious marketers who want to grow serious businesses either figure out paid traffic on their own or hire someone to do it for them.

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    Paid advertising is better. It tells you everything upfront. It's lets you know whether if a niche is worth pursuing or not. First i would see if there are a ton of places to advertise at in your niche, and if there are.... do the advertising, and do free marketing as a way to lower your cost of advertising.

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    There is no such thing as free traffic

    Free traffic methods require time to master

    Time is money. Why? You could be paid doing another thing instead of what you're doing.

    In short, you paid for the opportunity to master free traffic generation

    Also, considering the fact that there are many filtering steps required, you might be better off with PAID traffic.

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