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Hi guys

ive been using paypal for over four years now and ive never come across so well written phlishing emails before and i wanted to share them with you just in case you become the unwanted victim.

Ive had two different kinds of messages so please take note:

1. sending messages to email addresses they believe dont have a paypal account associated with it. They will say that someone has sent them funds and to be able to claim them they must register their email address with paypal within 30 days. This message looks very good and is very hard to tell the difference because usually the grammar is terrible but this one looked perfectly normal.

If you get this message simply add the email address to your paypal account directly and this way if it is legit the money will automatically be placed in your account.

2. For you ebay sellers out there sending a message from a ebay buyer requesting $5 in compensation or they will leave negative feedback as the item was rubbish. I was chatting to a few ebay powersellers yesterday and they told me that a lot of ebay sellers have fallen for this trick as it is the most legit looking phlishing email they have ever seen.

so if you have a paypal account please be careful because if your account gets hacked it can take ages for it to get back to normal. For those of you that are newbies philishing emails are just a copy of a legit email that includes a link in it to a site that looks like paypal and when you click on it and log in they will have your username and password and will be able to do whatever they like with it.

kind regards

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    hi mike

    They are i must confess i fell for a phlishing email back in 2005 for ebay telling me i had been granted powerseller status the day before i was offered it for real by ebay.

    i didnt notice at first until i had a porsche up for sale in american dollars for $200 i totally freaked out and i have been really careful every since.
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    Thanks for the Warning Sam. It's so easy to fall for these emails.

    I stupidly logged into my paypal account last year through a fake email. Luckily, I realised what I'd done and changed may password in time. If I hadn't, who knows what could have happened!!!

    It's very scary.

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    Hi kat

    not everyone on here uses clickbank and rely totally on paypal so not only do they risk having their account hacked into but paypal suspending it whilst they deal with it which can go on forever.

    I got my twitter hacked into not so long ago but as soon as i realised i changed my details so least it was sorted out. That one was strange too i got a really long dm on twitter clicked on the username to block it and they somehow hacked it still dont understand how though.

    kind regards

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        Hi Sam,

        Thank you for the warning.

        Most of the time, I will always contact the PayPal support team first to ask about the email message that I have received. This is the best way to prevent the hacking of the account.


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    The easy way to get around this with paypal or anything else is NEVER click an email to log into your account.

    Go to the real site and login and see if there is an issue there.

    I don't care what it is; I never click inside an email for logins or account information.
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      Originally Posted by Wakunahum View Post

      The easy way to get around this with paypal or anything else is NEVER click an email to log into your account.

      Go to the real site and login and see if there is an issue there.

      I don't care what it is; I never click inside an email for logins or account information.
      Great advice and I believe that if PayPal sends you an email then your name - not 'paypal customer' will be on the email.

      Thanks for the warning and the advice.
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    Thanks for helping with a post like this. I have an paypal account. But somehow it got inactive. I could not find out the problem yet.
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    Unfortunately I've been receiving these types of e-mails for a long time..
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    Yup i have been too receiving this kinds of emails for a long time. I nearly was tricked once when I first started. I quickly change my password after entering my details in it.
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    As I have always said and as I have always done ...

    "Type PayPal In Your Browser Url Bar Everytime You Want To Go To PayPal"

    I never click on links in email when it comes to payment processing, not even the spam emails paypal does send. I have and will always type it in my browser (no bookmark) to visit paypal.

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    I see some very well written emails about paypal everyday

    but the proof of the content is login into your paypal account directly if you ever have a question about your account

    logining into any email is only inviting problems

    stay safe

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    That is try ed

    there is emails about everything though i must get 2-3 emails a week telling me that my bank account has been suspended from american banks that i have never heard of.

    kind regards

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    Yep. I still have no idea why Paypal still insists on sending legitimate emails ... it would be nice if the only way you could communicate with PP is through their website. That would make fishing MUCH harder.

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    Yes, you have to very careful these days. I use roboform so that keyloggers cant get me. But still scammers are always one step ahead...
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    More and more keep emerging daily that people can get robbed by. One puzzling thing to me is this, how they are going to have access to the account by just adding an email address to your account.
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