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I've made a product, sales copy and put payment system behind it.

The problem? I have no money to pay for ads to this site.

My question: How do I put this site in front of the customers?

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    why don't you try making a post on the Warriors forum with a link to the site in your signature? ;-)
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      Originally Posted by pearsonbrown View Post

      why don't you try making a post on the Warriors forum with a link to the site in your signature? ;-)
      You could always try replying to a post on the warriors forum with a link to the site in your signature ;-)

      Or for that matter replying to a reply to a post on the warriors forum with a link to the site in your signature ;-) ;-)

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    Let's not forget blogging and pinging.


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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    Hey Damir,

    you can use Social Networks, Blogging, Article Marketing
    and SEO.

    4 great FREE ways to get customers and build relationships.

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    if you don't have money for ads then its SEO time and natural search engine rankings

    there is so many ways you can get traffic, but it requires that awful 4 letter word


    this whole forum is loaded with ways for traffic generation and all free

    good luck

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    you can write articles, and send to directories, seo your site, create a video, twittering. =)
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    All the above is correct. You need to network like crazy. Do you have your phone number on the site? You also need to maximize your few visitors you get. Have a real phone number and be willing to talk to people about your product. Sell yourself and your personal service. People will be shocked and relieved. You can convert way more if you offer this type of personal service. None of the gurus do this. When you are down and out it is time to go mano a mano compadre. How bad do you want it?
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    Do joint ventures with other product owners by asking them
    if they would be interested in promoting your product
    inexchange for commission.

    The warriors forum has a JV section where you can
    make such a post
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      MYSCABIES.COM is available!


      Was it this one?

      I agree - you need to SEO the crap out of it - which ever site it is. Articles, social bookmarking, blogging, forum signatures, backlinks, etc.

      You have some display issues on that particular site btw. Some of the words are a bit messy looking in firefox.

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    Set up a social media campaign for each. Put up some YouTube videos giving good information about the subjects, invite people as friends in social networks interested in these subjects. As long as you give them free, valuable information on the front-end, they will be more compelled to buy from you.

    If you already use facebook and twitter and are active, invite potential JV partners as friends...let them get to know you a bit and then ask them to promote for you.

    You might also do some article marketing.

    Drive free traffic, make some sales and maybe reinvest into some paid marketing.
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    why dont you put affiliate system for the product. then ask in this forum who want to be your affiliate.. just my opinion
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