Anyone ever use one of these?

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Has anyone ever used a dot link ( .link in place of .com, .org) for a website?
I was just wondering what it stood for etc. For what I would be using it for I would not need to get it listed in search engines...I would be telling people to click on it etc.

Any thoughts? Like If I used one in my signature file here on WF...would that send any messages to anyone? (like cheap marketer? Spammer? Etc)
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    Personally, I've focused on .com's, .net's, and .info's.
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      Originally Posted by dana67 View Post

      Personally, I've focused on .com's, .net's, and .info's.
      Do you see an difference between your .com vs the .net and info? Are results different or anything? Thanks

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    There is a whole slew of new TLD's that have been released over the past 6 months, they are alternatives so you can get .beer, .club. .website and plenty more. Your dot link is just another example of these new options. In essence it does not make much difference apart from perception - because the dot com option is so established, and accepted it is regarded as the 'premium' option - but from a technical point of view it makes absolutely no difference, the top level domain suffix is simply an address place holder. your site or page is online regardless of what follows your chosen domain name.

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    I think the extension for a domain is a matter of personal choice, more than anything else.

    If you are not planning on using it for search engines and things like that - you can go with whatever you like.

    People don't really care - at least that is what I have learned from experience. As long as you are delivering what people want - you are good here!

    I hope this helps!
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      One thing to look out for is that while people may remember your site name, they may forget the TLD. If this happens they will automatically type in .com so you could be driving traffic to another site unintentionally. Also I believe the search engines give more weight in the SERP's to dot com then dot net before anything else.
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