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Hi guys,

I'm a newbie to the field thirsty for info and clarification. Can you kindly confirm the following statements:

(i) I understand that the first step in online marketing is to find a good niche and market. Upon choosing such a market, I then start looking for particular products to join as an affiliate. Next I will have a hop link linking to the sales page to start promoting the product. Am I correct to say that to do this, one must either send the link to an email list or else master SEO techniques so as to feature one's link on search engines?

(ii) If I already am affiliated to a product with its own sales page which does not contain an opt in feature, is it possilbe for me to include one? If the page does not allow me to do so, how can I create an opt-in to this page? (to clarify - the salespage was built by the product owner and I was only given the hoplink to it)

(iii) I have quite a good list to start off with. When I choose the product I want to JV with, can I offer my traffic to sell their product in exchange for their list of contacts so as to increase traffic and focus the market more? If so, how is this done?

(iv) What programme can be used to send emails which are automatically personalised with the receiver's name?

Thanks for your time,
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    i) Yes you are right about the market stuff. You can right articles based on your keywords for that niche and include your affiliate link in those articles as a way of sending traffic to the sales page.

    ii) To build your own list for that niche you should create your website. Drive traffic to your website and on your website create a squeeze page that allows you to capture the searchers information so you can build your list. You can create and give away a free ebook to help capture email addresses.

    iii) You will need to speak with those other people in the same market as yourself with more information.

    iv) aweber is a great autoresponder that can do that.

    What program did you use to build your list? I am a little confused.

    Best of Luck,

    Stevie H.
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    iii) you can do adswaps with them.

    iv) Does anyone just starting out and getting an aweber account? I've bought a aweber account 2 years ago and it was so cheap. Now it was so expensive... Is there a better alternatives
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