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My Norton Internet security is due to expire soon and I can't decide whether to renew it or not. There's some features of Norton that I don't like so I don't automatically run it to check for viruses.

Before Norton I always used the free version of AVG and was thinking about using AVG. However, as it doesn't offer Internet security my dilemma is:

Do I renew Norton or should I go for the paid version of AVG?

OR - Is there something better?

What do you use/suggest?

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    I'm using avast mainly coz quite a few warriors recommended it back at the old forum. Works pretty good and its free.

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    Personally, I use free AVG and a Free ZoneAlarm. Seems to do the trick for me.

    The machines I've seen using Norton run dog slow by comparison to the same machine without Norton.

    What's really sad to me is that I had paid for antivirus software and internet security software. One of my sons managed to let a virus onto my computer.

    I could identify some of the elements of the virus. But my antivirus couldn't even see it.

    Eventually, I tried another paid for anti-virus. No luck.

    After several months, my original paid for anti virus could identify the virus, but had no removal capabilities for it.

    A month later, I tried AVG Free (didn't know about it prior to this time). AVG immediately identified the virus before I even had applied the updates (so it was running with 2 month old definitions), then cleaned it off my system.

    After getting it updated to the current definitions, I went to their site and looked up the virus by the information AVG identified it by, and found that AVG had been able to identify and remove this virus since before it had gotten into my system.

    At this point one of the major anti-virus vendors still couldn't even detect the virus, and another could identify it but still didn't know how to remove it. And both of these are major name brand software packages that stop updating if you stop paying.

    Just my perspective and opinion of course.

    Scott Burton

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    Norton and Macafee security suites are both resource hogs. If you look at some of the tech forums such as Jack Teems Neat Net Tricks, Shields up and others they recommend a layered approach to computer security. AVAST, and AVG are good free antivirus solutions.
    Spybot Search and Destroy is a free program that helps protect against malware, trojans and spyware. I also pay for a subscription to Spyware Doctor by PC Tools.
    Additionally, do and online scan of your computer as some virus and trojan horses can hide from onboard protection. Just Google free online virus scans. Be careful to use the big company solutions eg Norton, Macafee, Panda Antivirus as all will install a small program to interface with the server. If you don't know who is accessing your system, don't allow it to happen.

    The safest way to surf and download trials of various utilities is to use Returnil, and or Sandboxie--both are free for private use.
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