Best autoresponder I've seen in a LONG while...

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Not sure if you've heard of Yaro Starok - he's an Australian blogger.

Anyway I've found his free responder to be the best I've ever signed up for - just about every email has brought something incredibly useful from how best to set up a blog and how to generate traffic.

Yes - he is trying to sell something but we could all learn a trick or two from this guy - check it out:

:-) Beaumont

(No - I'm not Yaro!!!)
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    Roger Davis

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    Yaro Starak is THE man..

    But ain't that an affiliate link I see? :rolleyes:



    Bare Murkage.........

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      Yes it is an affiliate link - please delete my post if you are not meant to do this.

      Sorry guys... I'm still learning.

      :-) B
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        Fixed it...
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          You might want to be more careful with your thread titles. I opened this thread thinking it was about an autoresponder service, not someone's newsletter. (BTW, I do agree that Yaro's stuff is very good; he even has a great bit on writing effective headlines.)
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