Please review my site, anything missing?

by rapidscc 10 replies
I have a problem with my site. Its about diet and the adsense displayed is about technology. Why is this so?

Its hosted on a free site, could that be the reason?

I want my site to be a portal on all diet related subjects and yet the ads are about technology.

Can I do something about it?

Also please review and comment about the site design and all..

Thanks and G'Day!

Lose Weight Forever
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    If it's a new ad, wait for it. It takes some time for the adsense to go through your site to display related ads.
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    Free sign up panel and video. Everybody wants to see video.
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    Mistake... free website. get a .com and install wordpress. Then use Article Marketer.
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      I would work on the theme a little, looks a lot like a dating site.

      Just my 2,

      Good luck!
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    Your site looks nice. The google ads look to be relevant to dieting now. Sometimes it takes a while for adsense ads to settle down and become relevant. I agree with napoleon, you should get your own site.
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    sorry - meant to post on another.
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      Black background of the articles makes it difficult to read ....

      or is it my age?
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        Originally Posted by brilliantjv View Post

        Black background of the articles makes it difficult to read ....

        or is it my age?
        Can't increase the text size either. Hard to read.

        - For your import/export/customs questions or problems, send PM.

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    Hi Rapid;
    I'll do a bit of editing if you don't mind. I find it hard to do this and not sound superior and preachy. But honestly I'm just trying to help. Please forgive the critique.
    1. you lose weight not loose weight. I'm sure this is just a typo as you used the correct spelling in other instances. (You gain the weight back as soon as you loose them) I might say lose it.

    2 A comma here would be good. (and with this, self-image and confidence go away.) Go is better

    3.Things affect you not effect you. (Stress, emotional trauma and the hardships of daily living affects us mentally )

    A very nice site indeed, rapid. Good ideas, great graphics. PM me if you want me to review any of the other pages, although they looked alright when I glanced through them.

    Ron Wagner
    Exciting! No more frustration

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    The ads are fine now, don't fret.

    Sometimes adsense ads take a while to triangulate.
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