10 Chrome Extensions I Cannot Live Without As a Blogger

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I hope you are one of those people on the planet who are in love with Chrome.

Although it takes a lot of memory (I know ) of your operating systems, but this can be compromised when you know you are getting more out of it.

I am a Mac user, but I never use Safari.

I tried to switch to Safari browser but failed, because I was not getting that much smooth experience in Mac browser.

Three months back I started providing online coaching to help newbie bloggers. I share my screen with my students to show everything practically.

As I share my screen with my students to show everything practically, so in one class one of my students pointed my browser extensions and requested to explain each and every extension. Although I explained to them in the class, but that sharing was limited to only handful of people.

So today I decided to share all the extensions with you.

These extensions can give you more flexibility to do research, check SEO, add productivity, and too many other things.

So I recommend checking the extension at least once if you are not using it.

Here are those 10 Chrome Extensions

#1. SEO Quake Lite
This is the only extension I am using for more than three years. I found this extension in early days of my blogging, which ultimately helped me to know more about any website quickly.

#2. Eye Dropper
I am big fan of color psychology; that’s why I am very selective in colors,

Either it’s an image in my blog post, my navigation menu, my right sidebar or any element on my blog, I select the colors very carefully.

This small extension helps me to pick any color code from any website by just hovering the mouse on the color.

#3. Awesome Screenshot
This is a very handy extension to take a screenshot from your browser and edit them as per your requirements.

Using this extension you can take screenshot of:

Whole page
Visible page
Selected area

#4. Pocket
I cannot image life of a blogger without Pocket app.

This small app helped me a lot to learn many new things from the experts.

This is a bookmarking app that saves the article on their server.

Let’s say you are reading an article, and get interrupted in between either by a friend or a family member.

#5. Follow
I don’t why they have given such a killer extension at free of cost.


Such a tremendous extension to do research about any website.

#6. Headlinr
This is a paid extension that help you to generate killer titles for your blog posts.

This extension has some predefined templates to fit your keywords into it.

I entered the keyword blogging, and it generated some of the top title ideas for me.

#7. Grammarly
I started using this extension just two months back, but it looks like I would never be able to stop using it.

My educational background is from government schools where we studied till 12th standard in Hindi only, so writing in English is not my cup of tea.

#8. SpyBar
This is another paid extension that helps you to spy any website with one click.

#9. Last Pass
LastPass is a one stop password saving solution. I am using paid version to have more control on my passwords. As passwords are most crucial things in the online industry so paying a little amount to secure them is worth the investment.

#10. AdBlock
I hate when ads start following me.

As a blogger you can understand what I am saying.

When we are into blogging, we get banner blindness.

Thanks guys for reading this.
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  • Great.... Thanks for this.
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  • Profile picture of the author essmeier
    I hope you are one of those people on the planet who are in love with Chrome.

    Nope. They lost me at "owned by Google."

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  • Profile picture of the author Marked09
    Mine is

    1. MozBar
    2. SEOQuake
    3. Block yourself from Analytics
    4. Buffer
    5. Check my Links
    6. Grammarly
    7. NoFollow
    8. SEO Global For Google Search™
    9. Fireshot
    10. Follow
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  • Profile picture of the author daftdog
    Thanks for that. I have to agree about Lastpass and Adblock. Dont know what Id do without them!! Going to look at the rest of your suggestions. Once again, cool post!!!!
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  • Profile picture of the author LaunchPurveyor
    Cool post indeed. Mine are:

    1. Adblock for Youtube
    2. Auto HD for YouTube
    7. VidIQ Vision for YouTube
    3. Evernote Web Clipper
    4. Last Pass
    5. Nimbus Screenshot
    6. Pocket
    7. Speed Dial
    8. Rapportive
    9. OneTab
    10. Extended S3 Browser
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    This is really helpful, nice post :-)

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    • Profile picture of the author AffiliateWaves
      Thanks to OP and other contributing warriors ,you people have compiled a good list that will help lot of warriors .

      I am also chrome user but never used extension heavily except Lastpass and Adblock.

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  • Profile picture of the author grover69
    Awesome post and I found some great add-ons so thanks everyone! One of my favorite tools to capture screenshots to show clients is Screen Capture by Fireshot:

    I love the ability to just grab part of a screen if needed.
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  • Profile picture of the author TheGMa
    Thank you OP, and thanks to those of you who added information.

    Don't care who owns it, I'm simply not a fan of Chrome; however, it appears that the conveniences may outweigh the dislike.
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  • Profile picture of the author RyanLB
    +1 for Grammarly. They really do have an awesome platform.

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    Skype Me: r.boze
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  • Profile picture of the author Skribblez
    Headlinr and Awesome screenshot sound great. Thanks for the share, OP!
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